Things that Matter

Yes CATS are “something that matters”!

No Facilities

“I think you’re supposed to be feeding us”

I was going to write a short post about how busy this weekend has been, but that sounds like a complain, and there’s nothing to complain about. Well, there is one thing to complain about, but I’ve already done that, so I won’t bring it in here. The things that took my time this weekend are the things that matter.

The weekend began on Friday night, which is unusual for me. Faith (daughter) and I continued what has become a tradition, by attending Old Sturbridge Village’s Christmas by Candlelight. Saturday and Sunday took me away from home, but only as far as our daughter’s place so that I could watch her cats while she was out of town. The boys both require medication, so I meet them in the afternoon, sleep over and leave them after meds and food in the morning.

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