Thursday Doors ~ 89 Lincoln Avenue, full view


Is it the black doors’ presentation

of double paned glass windows

or those white outlines against

red brick house which stirs

your affection for this

Home Sweet Home?

There may be something I

am missing which you

spy and wish to report

in the personal area.

Shhh-h! I won’t tell

your secret interest

in this property!

Your interest is

so appreciated and

interactions enjoyed

by all, so keep on checking out

doors, You’re on a (door) roll!

Here’s a welcome face and place

which I let you in on, right

from my first discovery

of the Power of Doors

to take over your mind,

expand it exponentially

into the universe,

One Door at

a Time!

Here’s Norm Frampton’s

Choice of Doors this week:

Have a holly, jolly

rest of the week!

🎄 ⛄ * 🌟 * 🌲 🕊

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One thought on “Thursday Doors ~ 89 Lincoln Avenue, full view”

  1. I really appreciate how you visited me often this year and reblogged my posts, Penney! Thank you ever so much!😊
    Happy Holidays to you, your family and your bloggers here. 🎉🕊🎆


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