Ghosts A Haunted Plantation and Johnny Cash!

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Readers, you will want to have a look at this story, reblogged from My Haunted Life Too.

This December we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here. A worldwide superstar, Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash, have always been in the public eye. One specific part of their lives was less talked…

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Ticonderoga Historical Society’s Classic Building

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After leaving Bolton Landing, NY we headed up the West side of Lake George heading up to Fort Ticonderoga. When entering the town of Ticonderoga not far away, there was a huge classical stone building that just stopped me cold. I had to get out and set up the tripod in the road and take some photos. It turned out to be the Ticonderoga Historical Society.  What an amazing building and place.  This is the Hancock House and is a historical reproduction (built in 1926) of the original Thomas Hancock House on Beacon Hill in Boston.  The original was built 1737-1740. This building is a granite stone building in the Georgian Revival style with a slate roof. 

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