12/25/17 – Christmas Trees

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If some of you are wondering what happened to your Christmas tree, perhaps this security camera photo will help you (smile).

These security cameras have led to a number of arrests this Christmas Season

Bronner’s in Frankenmuth, Michigan

As part of our Christmas tradition, we spent a couple of days in Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA; where we visited the famous Bronner’s  Christmas store.  It is hard to explain what this huge Christmas store in like inside, but here is a photo I took.

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is a retail store in Frankenmuth, Michigan that promotes itself as the “World’s Largest Christmas Store”.

Designed with an Alpine architecture and operating year-round, the building is 7.35 acres in size with landscaped grounds covering 27 acres . Inside, there are approximately 800 animated figurines at various locations throughout the store. 

Bronner’s parking lot can accommodate up to 1,080 cars and 50 buses…

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