By M.E. Singer

In response to your parochial perspective expressed in your ROAD & BRIDGES editorial, (see below*) “Amtrak Derailment Over I-5 Raises Questions” (18 Dec), as a proud member of the railroad industry, I take strong umbrage at your overt slant that reads more like a story planted in Pravda. Instead of building more congested lanes of traffic on I-5, the State of Washington, Feds, Amtrak, and the BNSF Railway diligently planned and constructed this new right-of-way in order to speed-up the ever popular Amtrak Cascade schedules by avoiding the growing freight traffic around the yards. Rather than inferring inferior construction or problems with the equipment, you should check your facts to learn how the new Charger locomotive was built in Sacramento, CA and powered by Cummins diesels. The Spanish-built Talgo consist has a long history of running at speeds grater than 125mph; is constructed so in an accident the cars would not telescope…

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