The Gardens of Fort Ticonderoga

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Fort Ticonderoga was originally a French built fort that was captured by revolutionary forces and used by the USA.  After the war, it was deeded over to NY State in 1785 who let it fall into total disrepair or ruin. In 1820 the Fort and lands surrounding it was deeded over to a New York wealthy merchant William Ferris Pell. He built a very large summer home below the fort right on Lake Champlain and maintained the Pavillion and the Kings Garden there. It became an attraction for those interested in history. The house was large and was used eventually for a Hotel until 1900.  After that, Pell’s son took over and started to restore the Fort itself. For more history see: Fort Ticonderoga History

Here is a gardener working in the vegatable gardens just outside of the walled Kings Garden:

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