By the Mighty Mumford

Weedy but not overbearing,

No reason anyone’s staring…

But a few

Wait for “WHOO-WHOO!”

More than anyone else is caring.

–Jonathan Caswell

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Mean People Should Stay Home – #1linerWeds

No Facilities

I’ve been pondering the title for three days. Ever since I had the unpleasant experience of overhearing the following “conversation:”

Where are the warm rolls? They’re supposed to be served with dinner entrees?

We’re actually still serving lunch. They don’t start heating rolls until after 5:00

She offered to bring him some rolls.

The customer at the table yelled to the bartender: “I need to speak with a manager.”

The customer complained to the manager about the waitress’s attitude. The manager explained that the waitress was right, and that there aren’t warm rolls at 3:00. The man was upset about the restaurant being cheap. The manager explained that the lunch portions are smaller, less complicated and quite a bit cheaper, and that if he wanted rolls, he could have them but if he wanted warm rolls, he would have to wait for them to…

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Ghosts: Spirit Animals — Ghosts and Ghouls

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, here’s a nurse’s story about eerie harbingers of death!  Read on:  courtesy Ghosts and Ghouls blog.

“I used to work with dying, elderly patients. I had lots of experiences on the night shift, but one was particularly creepy and strange. A patient I had was passing. At the end of my shift, I said, ‘Now don’t you go nowhere. I’ll be back tomorrow night.’ She just shook her head no. The…

via Reader Submission: Spirit Animals — Ghosts and Ghouls

For more ghosts and scary things, please see https://www.amazon.com/Jan-Olandese/e/B071FK9L75


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New Ways!

Creations for Concoctions

With enigmas fluttering,with happiness showing up,with curiosities flowing,this blog is all about my imaginations.This is something that I really cherish to do and so here I am,with this blog,to learn and tell,to discover and explore,to smile and motivate.Hi!I am Nikita and this blog is all about my immense thoughts,innumerable feelings and great inquisitivities!

As a person,as a girl,as a teenager,as a student and as a tiny part of this huge sphere,I am fascinated and inspired by so many things that expressing myself was the utmost need and so here I am!

Control your life,but do not imprison it!

One can find so many things on this blog that categorizing it is tough but it is a concoction of so many things that adding more to it will be fun!

There will be poems,stories,articles,experiences, reviews,DIYs and lot more….so,let’s explore!

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More Scratch Built Structures

The Niagara Branch

I’ve been working on a group of structures that comprise the central part of the paper plant on my layout. It’s the building directly behind the pulp storage tank, so it might be the bleach plant, but I’ll have to double check the facts on that. Regardless, I’m working from aerial photos of the plant, so I estimated the size and shape of all of the various structures in this part of the plant. I also decided to do the back of the cutting/stacking building while I was on a roll. So here’s a basic tour of the build so far.

Here’s the first step. I estimated the size of the end of the building and laid it out on .060″ styrene. I’ll put veneer over this later, so cut oversized openings where there will be windows and doors. What’s not shown here are the end walls and a brace…

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Movin’ on

No Facilities

I’m beginning to think that encouraging Linda to get the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt out earlier in the day on Friday wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe it’s the hour, maybe the coffee, I don’t know, but she seems to be raising the bar. Our assignment this week:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: movement. However, don’t use the word ‘movement.’ Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!”

I must confess, I tried to make this work, but I had to edit…a lot. Maybe, I can slide it under #JusJoJan

If we were having a beer you would be picking on me, Pandora, Cheryl and SoundHound.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m snagging this song on SoundHound.”

“Why? Surely you know that’s Johnny Cash. I mean you’re one of them.”

“Wait, what…?”

“Wait what, what?”

“I’m trying to figure out where…

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