Stephen Pell Memorial at Fort Ticonderoga

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We have toured the famous and historic Fort Ticonderoga on the shore of Lake Champlain in Upstate NY. Below the Fort is the very large William Pell Estate as his family bought Fort Ticonderoga and the surrounding land in the late 1700’s.  They built the summer home overlooking Lake Champlain and eventually turned it into a hotel with tours of Fort Ticonderoga until 1900. Stephen Pell took over and started to renovate and restore the Fort that was dilapidated and falling down. This small memorial out in the corner of the field is a burial monument.

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Trump thought bedding friends’ wives made ‘life worth living’: book

President Trump used to boast that one of the things that made “life worth living” was sleeping with his friends’ wives, according to a new tell-all book.

“In pursuing a friend’s wife, he would try to persuade the wife that her husband was perhaps not what she thought,” author Michael Wolff quotes a Trump friend as saying.

Before he was president, Trump would have his secretary ask the friend to drop by his office, where he would subject him to “more or less constant sexual banter,” according to “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

With the wife listening in on speakerphone, Trump would say: “Do you still like having sex with your wife? How often? You must have had a better f–k than your wife? Tell me about it.

“I have girls coming in from Los Angeles at three o’clock. We can go upstairs and have a great time. I promise.”

One pal who was also friends with Bill Clinton found the two men eerily similar — “except that Clinton had a respectable front and Trump did not,” according to the book, which comes out Jan. 9.


FDR, even IKE, Bill Clinton and now the current inhabitant of the White House!

Hope you TRUMP voters are happy


‘Super blue blood moon eclipse’ coming for the first time in 150 years

Mark the date, the blood moon or blue supermoon is coming in a rare lunar event which happens only every 150 years.

Three separate celestial events — a supermoon, a blue moon and a full lunar eclipse — will occur simultaneously on January 31.

Just weeks after 2018’s first supermoon on January 1 and 2, this astronomical rarity of events is being called a super blue blood moon eclipse.

This particular blue moon will likely look red in some areas, because of the total lunar eclipse which can give the moon a red tinge, giving it the name blood moon.

This confluence of events has not happened since the second half of the 19th century. And January’s blue moon will be followed by another blue moon in late March.

They are also in a supermoon trilogy, which began last month.

The phenomenon “supermoon” occurs when the moon becomes full on the same day it is at or near its closest point in its orbit around Earth.

NASA said this year’s first supermoon, which illuminated skies across the world, was the “biggest and brightest” one for 2018.

It appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the supermoon on July 27, 2017, with pictures of it posted on social media by people around the world.

Also called a “Wolf Moon,” because in early times it appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages, its arrival caused tidal surges worldwide.

The full moon on January 31 is called a blue moon because it is the second full moon in a calendar month. This only happens every two to three years on average, giving rise to the saying “once in a blue moon.”

Even rarer is the fact there will be two blue moons in the first quarter of 2018, and they are in a series of three supermoons.

Following the two full moons occurring in January, the calendar month of February will have no full moon.

In March, however, there will be two full moons, with the blue moon on March 31.

NASA is encouraging people to use these rare lunar events as a chance to study the moon.

“The supermoons are a great opportunity for people to start looking at the moon, not just that once but every chance they have,” said Noah Petro, a research scientist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre.


I Left No Stone Unturned

from fear to freedom

stone.pngI usually go to bed at 9:00 o’clock and not later than 10:00 o’clock in the evening. But this unexpected text message from my brother interrupted my sleep at 10:56 o’clock last night: “Ton passed the board exam; another engineer in the family.”

Alhamdulillah,* congratulations! You woke me up but it’s okay. I am happy for your son.” I replied with sleepy eyes. I was delighted anyway.

Modesty aside, my nephew passed the civil engineer licensure examination held on November 11 & 12, 2017 and was released on November 21, 2017. Civil engineering is really a tough and a difficult course. But if it matches with one’s passion, ambition and perhaps intellectual capacity (wish my brain had a high level of gigabytes!), it would be akin to eating peanuts and could make one a happy mammal!

What does it like to study civil engineering? Would it give me a…

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