Thursday Doors – New York Photo Rules

No Facilities

Take the shot!

I lived in New York City (Queens) for a little over a year, beginning in 1977. I’ve been back too many times to count, both for business and pleasure, and one thing remains true: “if you think it would make a good photo, push the button.” You might end up with a “what was he going for?” Kodak Moment, but at least you won’t be kicking yourself over the opportunity you just lost.

I was thinking about this rule as I walked around New York back in November. I arrived at Grand Central Station on Tuesday morning and I returned home Thursday around lunch time. Ample time to collect a few door photos, one would think. However, I violated the above stated rule and I missed a great opportunity.

After leaving Grand Central, I was heading north on Vanderbilt Avenue. I saw a…

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Psychiatrists Say Trump Mentally Ill


Jon Rappoport
January 10, 2018

—After investigating psychiatry for two decades, I’m confident that, if we could go back and rewrite history, deleting all psychiatrists on the planet, so they’d never exist—deleting their diagnoses and their drugs—this would have resulted in a massive upsurge in mental health, moving forward—

The Daily Mail: “A group of leading psychiatrists told a conference that Donald Trump has clear hallmarks of mental illness that compromise his role as president. Twenty-five researchers made a drastic break away from ethical standards by meeting at Yale University on Thursday to discuss evidence questioning the commander-in-chief’s mental health.”

Psychiatrist Allen Frances, who has played a central role in defining mental disorders, disagrees. He wrote in the NY Times: “Most amateur diagnosticians have mislabeled [Mr. Trump as having] narcissistic personality disorder. He may be a world-class narcissist, but this doesn’t make him mentally ill.”

Dr. Frances makes…

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Stone Building of the Finch Pruyn Company in Glens Falls, NY

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Right on the Hudson River in Glens Falls, New York there is a ancient looking stone building. It has the name Finch Pruyn Company on the side. The original structure here was built by Abraham Wing in 1765 an operated as a tavern Inn and store.  At this site The Glensfalls Company built a sawmill, grist mill, lime kiln and black marble quarry here.  Pruyn and the Finchs bought the company and still run the business today. There is a feeder canal that bypasses they dam for shipping and also feeds into these businesses. 

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Slip on your long-johns and flannels, your warm boots and favorite gloves, grab your coat and that hat with the funny looking earflaps, and let’s take a wintry walk through a couple centuries of Eastern Shore weather history.

Official records weren’t kept until the late 1800’s, so reliable climate data for our country’s formative years is hard to come by. There were, however, several documented blizzards and deep-freezes during this time that had significant impact on our early Chesapeake Bay ancestors.

January 27-28, 1772. Two to three feet of snow fell in two days. A half century had passed since any of the early settlers recorded a storm of such power, and back in 1717 it was New England that got clobbered. Around here, no colonists had ever seen anything like it. Because the storm was recorded in the journals of two future presidents , it’s known as The Washington-Jefferson…

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