Thursday Doors – New York Photo Rules

No Facilities

Take the shot!

I lived in New York City (Queens) for a little over a year, beginning in 1977. I’ve been back too many times to count, both for business and pleasure, and one thing remains true: “if you think it would make a good photo, push the button.” You might end up with a “what was he going for?” Kodak Moment, but at least you won’t be kicking yourself over the opportunity you just lost.

I was thinking about this rule as I walked around New York back in November. I arrived at Grand Central Station on Tuesday morning and I returned home Thursday around lunch time. Ample time to collect a few door photos, one would think. However, I violated the above stated rule and I missed a great opportunity.

After leaving Grand Central, I was heading north on Vanderbilt Avenue. I saw a…

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