Ghosts: A Shadow Ghost! From Tripping on Legends

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, a fascinating and creepy true account of ghostly behavior!  Read on:

These next few we’re going to call the Jenna Chronicles. Jenna was my roommate for years and got this whole thing started for me. We sat down together that first night and set up, the precursor of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads. In addition to being willing to talk to anyone and egg me on to […]

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Murder Mysteries

Myths of the Mirror

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The winner of the Carrot Ranch challenge #7 was announced this morning. A little murderous musing before the holiday cheer sets in.

Challenge #7: Murderous Musings.  Write a flash fiction in 109 words, no more, no less and weave a murderous vibe through an every-day setting, either in thought or deed.

Murder Mysteries

Margaret loved murder mysteries, anything with forensics, cops making sense of clues, how the most minute residue or oversight unlocked a case. Recently published books served her best, ones scribed by someone in the “industry.” Those pages taught her about poisons, carbon monoxide, overdoses, DNA, sanitation, those darn receipts that could follow you forever, surveillance cameras on every corner… At times, it overwhelmed her.

Herbert didn’t understand the fascination. He insisted real life wasn’t like books, and murders frequently went unsolved. Well, that depressed her. The whole point was creating a finely tuned reality. When she finally…

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