The Challenges Richard Anderson Has Running Amtrak


By Noel T. Braymer

Amtrak now has just one Chief Executive Officer in Mr. Anderson. While he has years of experience as a business executive, running a railroad, one with many problems will no doubt be a challenge. One thing Mr. Anderson has been doing is shaking up management at Amtrak by offering early retirement to Amtrak managers. At the same time new managers were hired outside of Amtrak to replace some of the now retired managers. Many of these replacement managers came from the airline industry which is where Mr. Anderson has spent much of his career. Under Anderson, Amtrak is seeing improvements in marketing and passenger amenities. Overhauling the Amfleet equipment from the 1970’s was long overdue and should increase ridership. But Amtrak’s biggest problem is dealing with the problems of the costs and repair of the Northeast Corridor, problems of which long predate the creation of Amtrak…

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