Marrying a ghost, false alarms & airline bedbugs: And we are off on a wacky new year


It is a new year, the first month of 12 to come, and we are at the mid-way point on said month.  Everything is new, shiny, and intriguing.   Well, arguably not everything. However, in my rosy, ruby outlook, it’s all shiny and full of possibilities. While much is new, what is old this year, is the fact that wackiness continues unabated.   Every morning, you can wake up, catch news and just shake your head. You shrug and got get your breakfast on.  Wacky mornings are just as prevalent as your morning coffee.

In that vein, here are a few wacky, weird and wondrous events the past few weeks of this glorious new year.

  1. Where was Hawaii Five-O?  I think that by now we have all heard about the false missile alarm warning in Hawaii. I cannot even imagine how Hawaiians felt getting that possible end-of-the world alert on…

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