One-Liner Wednesday – Who Are You?

Yes those “#SoCS blog from the bar” are uncomfortable

No Facilities

Last Saturday, I was presented with the message no blogger wants to see from WordPress:

“User does not exist”

What the…?

I could see and respond to comments on my page. I could see my stats in the app. I was invited to login at the bottom of my page, but each attempt failed because I did not exist. Had I become an unperson?

I contacted the Happiness Engineers. This was way beyond not being able to push out my #SoCS blog from the bar, although 6:04 am was fast approaching. What if everything was gone?

I asked to receive a Login link via email. WordPress sent me that link. I was able to access my Admin page, but then I received an email warning me that I had accessed my Admin page. The whole adventure seemed to take place in the Twilight Zone of WordPress.

This post is…

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2 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Who Are You?”

  1. This week they changed it so I no longer see any FOLLOW buttons, so cannot follow nor unfollow in reader. If I am logged into the reader and try to sign up to a site via email follows, it says NO. If I am not logged in to wordpress reader, I can still sign up. Eh. Science is not as exact as it used to be. I hope your problems get solved easily and soon!


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