A Swim with the Fishes

No Facilities

“Oceanic, that’s it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“My wife asked me about the full name of the seafood place over in East Hartford – it’s Mickey’s Oceanic.”

“I don’t like it when you guys come in here talking about other restaurants.”

“Don’t mind my young friend, Cheryl, he’s having a senior moment. Besides, Mickey’s doesn’t have a liquor license.”

“Well we do, but you guys aren’t taking advantage of it.”

“I’ll have a glass of red wine, Cheryl.”

“Yo, Dan. Yuengling? Brooklyn, Corona?”

“Just a sec’ Cheryl, I have to text my wife.”

“OooKay – Brooklyn, it is.”

“So, how come you didn’t mention the Woodworking Show last week?”

“I hadn’t gone yet, we actually didn’t go until Sunday.”

“Oh, so that’s why I had to find out about it by reading your blog.”

“Here’s your beer, and here’s your wine.”

“What about…”

“…your seltzer and a glass…

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