My next job


The Dilettante's Dilemma

This is a fantasy. If you don’t know me, you might wonder why I would write about what my next job will be. I have retired several times already and my final retirement was five years ago. If you do know me, you know very well that I am not going to take on a new job and would certainly not be writing about it.

And it gets worse.

My “next job” is doing whatever I would be doing in C. S. Lewis’s notion of what Heaven new job 5is like. [1] In The Great Divorce, Lewis gives a very interesting account of the Spirits who are in Heaven and who belong there. In Lewis’s version, the Ghosts come up from Hell as visitors—there is a bus every day for that purpose— and are met at the bus stop by the Spirits who are there to help them.

I have spent a…

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