Paris on flood watch as Seine swells amid rainfall

Two years ago, the Louvre was closed for four days and 35,000 artworks were moved to safe zones.

“Since then, a large number of reserve collections has been packed to ensure their rapid evacuation in the event of flooding, and staff have also been trained,” the Louvre said in a statement.

The museum remains open for now but the lower level of the department of Islamic Art has been closed to the public until at least Sunday.

My Mistake – Let’s Fix This

No Facilities

My ball

I didn’t understand why so many people were asking for Maddie’s picture after viewing my Thursday Doors post today.

Apparently, I didn’t read my own post. Actually, I simply forgot that I was going to include a picture of Maddie to make up for the fact that I didn’t include a picture of her yesterday. Rather than comment to everyone, I decided for an unprecedented second post today.

Here you go folks:

Taken before Maddie had a cot and had to lay on the ground like a dog.

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A Human Story: Guest Post with Andrea Flory

Myths of the Mirror

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After reading Andrea Flory’s book Miira (Innerscape: book 1) , I asked her if she’d be interested in a guest post. I expected a cerebral exposition of the fascinating science of virtual reality. What I got was so much more, a sharing of the true beauty of her work, a human story. My review is below, but before heading there, here’s Andrea:


Andrea Flory

Some people know they want to write from a very young age. It’s all they dream about.

That was never me. I did spend a lot of my childhood daydreaming, but those were private adventures, and I never saw them as potential ‘books’. Books were magical portals created by geniuses with towering imaginations.

How could I ever aspire to write stories?

It was true that I liked words and was good with them, but I was too pragmatic, and much too…

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