Mean People Should Stay Home – #1linerWeds

No Facilities

I’ve been pondering the title for three days. Ever since I had the unpleasant experience of overhearing the following “conversation:”

Where are the warm rolls? They’re supposed to be served with dinner entrees?

We’re actually still serving lunch. They don’t start heating rolls until after 5:00

She offered to bring him some rolls.

The customer at the table yelled to the bartender: “I need to speak with a manager.”

The customer complained to the manager about the waitress’s attitude. The manager explained that the waitress was right, and that there aren’t warm rolls at 3:00. The man was upset about the restaurant being cheap. The manager explained that the lunch portions are smaller, less complicated and quite a bit cheaper, and that if he wanted rolls, he could have them but if he wanted warm rolls, he would have to wait for them to…

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