1941 – Pearl Harbor

To Jamaica And Beyond

Cecil Hodgson’s brother Aubrey had died. It had shocked the whole family. Mabel was running and working at her mothers shop at Belle Vue. The wealth of the Hodgson’s was in decline.

Emigration To America Before World War 2

Since Ida Mae and Maurice had emigrated to New York in 1923 & 1924, America had brought in measures to block the entry of black people into the country. The introduction of ‘The Immigration act of 1924’ drastically reduced Caribbean immigration into the United States.

In 1924, the year Maurice went to America, there was 10,630 Caribbean’s who moved to America. But the following year 1925, that figured dropped massively to only 321 Caribbean people going to the States. The Immigration act of 1924 was primarily aimed at restricting non white and Southern and Eastern European immigration.

The new law had stipulated that an immigration quota system of only 2% of foreign-born people were…

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