Lifelong dream to not be melted down for scraps


Two weeks ago I discovered a new thrift store. Well, rather, it is new to me. It has apparently been around for a long time. It is a special Los Angeles thrift store in that it gets a lot of its inventory from Macy’s. I came across a lot of cool quasi-new furniture. But all I bought that first time was a $5 dress. And, it was a great buy. The place stayed in my mind but was too busy to return immediately.

I made time at the end of the week to make a quick pit stop again at this glorious thrift shop bringing others in tow. This time, besides checking out the dresses, I looked at the DVDs. I was looking for some fun flicks for a kid’s slumber party. And I came across a movie called Robots. It was a film my son would watch, quite often…

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