Ukraine’s Capital –Kiev and Its Women

The Women from Winter


Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine which can be found in eastern Europe.  This national capital holds some of the country’s largest industrial center including machinery manufacturers, industrial materials, textiles, and more. Even with all the buildings, the city surprisingly is known as the “greenest city” with over 43,000 hectares of green zones.

With an abundant mixture of both industrial advancement and natural resources, Kiev has a lot more to offer. There are also many historical buildings present in the city which are popular tourist destinations. The cityscape of Kiev leaves visitors with an “old and new” vibe of sightseeing experience.

In terms of religion, most of the population adhere to Eastern Orthodox Christianity which revolves around following sets of doctrines and creeds of the early Christian church. These religious practices influence the people in terms of morality and teachings. Some of the most beautiful buildings around Kiev…

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