Valentine versus the spider :-)

Try to get it!

Well …before i say Happy Valentine for all my followers..i just want to share something with u..

Valentine was a priest as u know…I see him as a great person although as a moslem I do not agree with him in one point…he sees Jesus as a God…but I see Jesus as a prophet and a messanger from God…

Why I respect Valentine the priest?

This man knew the importance of the healthy family in building a healthy society…he secretly helped loving couples to get marry…he was killed at the end.

A family built on love is a healthy family indeed.

Healthy society consists of healthy families…a society of good people terrorism…we miss such a society these days..

But what is the story of the spider?????

God says in Al Ankaboot Surah in the koraan(moslem holy book)…

The example of those who take allies other than Allah…

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