Funding for Gateway and Amtrak as Trump signs spending bill


President Trump on Friday signed the $1.3-trillion omnibus spending bill, keeping the government running through September and freeing up federal funding for Amtrak and the Gateway project he had opposed.

As much as $541 million is available for Gateway, which would construct a new tunnel underneath the Hudson River linking New Jersey and New York, and replace the century-old Portal Bridge on the Northeast Corridor leading to Manhattan.

Approval for the funds would circumvent opposition from the Department of Transportation; Seceretary Elaine Chao had wanted New York and New Jersey to finance most of the massive project.

According to reports, Amtrak is expected to contribute a minimum of $388 million to Gateway though its Northeast Corridor Account, while New York and New Jersey will receive an additional $153 million from the Federal Transit Administration’s High-Density States and State of Good Repair grant programs.

While negotiations are ongoing, Gateway will likely…

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Go Transit Plan 2028

Discovery of Canada

Are you tired of desperate experience in driving amid the muddy 401 traffic congestions? Those bad headaches may be over soon.

As a widely used environmental friendly solution for metropolitans, subway and go train are very popular in many other big cities. Toronto is now taking serious considerations on public transition system enhancement which has been now substantially lagged behind the standard level if we compare Toronto with cities of similar size such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Go Transit is expected to expand dramatically to meet the needs of increasing commuter population in GTA.

The draft is obviously the first step towards the goal. Tons of work is yet to be done before starting of laying rails. The two Arc lines (Inner Arc and Outer Arc) would connect the ribs of the GTA fan area together and would make the transportation routes more optional, systematic and sustainable as all 9 lines would…

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