Mob Haiku: Good Housekeeping

Book 'Em, Jan O

Sammy ratted out
Big Alfie. We fixed him good:
a new boom sweeps clean.
For more Mob cleanup tips, please see Pasta La Vista, Baby: Mob Haiku to Die For, and more, at

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Throwing Shade

Great new story!!

Poesy plus Polemics

2016 Throwing Shade 68x60 “2016 Throwing Shade” by Shara Hughes

tell me if you can

what the hell is your point

as you demonize vilify

spill with hostility

toss easy epithets

bomblets of bile

all it does is present you

as hateful and small

teaching wholesale distrust

of the bullhorn and microphone

worst are your wicked

mean underhand subtleties

backhanded compliments

leaving no doubts

of your bitter convictions

irrational compulsions

transparent becomes

truth of falsity evident

even to sophomore citizens

wanting at least from their

organs of commonwealth

honesty simple straightforward

discussion of problems

with tenable tidy solutions

no shadows or shade

cast by smug institutional ego

just light shining bright

from the grounded good sense

of more principled hearts

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