Remembering Little Oscar (Oscar Mayer Meat Co.)

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George A. Molchan(June 5, 1922 – April 12, 2005) anAmericanspokesperson, most famous for his work asLittle Oscarfor theOscar Mayermeat company.

Molchan grew up in theGary, Indianaarea; as a young boy, he received hormone treatments to try to make him grow taller. His lack of height was a concern to him; a local theater manager who sympathized with his worries managed to contactMeinhardt Raabe, who was “Little Oscar”, the spokesman for theOscar Mayercompany. Raabe met with Molchan and assured him that if he continued his education, he would have a bright future ahead.[1]

Molchan took his advice, earning both an accounting degree from his local junior college and a degree in communications from Chicago’sColumbia College. He went to work as a bookkeeper forPepsi-Cola, staying with the job until 1951. Oscar Mayer had…

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