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By the Mighty Mumford

(Pencil drawing of a railroad caboose done by Kirt D. Tisdale)

Looking for a job

Back then–on weekends hobnobbed…

With a railroad crew

A museum, too,

Part-time work for the occasional bob*

Gerry Meade called one day,

Massive joy  flooded my way…

To live in a caboose

A caretaker’s ruse,

And a wonderful place to stay!

Next minute in full descent,

He said–find full-time employment…!

That was my trouble

Living in my bubble,

My dream..he destroyed it!

Harsh reality,

Knowing it needed money…

I couldn’t find

ANYTHING full-time,

A sorry state, you’d agree?

–Jonathan Caswell

*a “bob”  is an English slang term for money.

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I won’t take tea with you

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

beautiful tormentor, love of eternity
thousand daggers piercing sanity
evening masses, streets and passes
unnoticed in this deep trance,
can not steal a mole, let alone your soul
certainly unfit for romance
I won’t take tea with you
coffee is another matter, perhaps later,
unable to refuse your charm
association deep harm
will die in a ditch, as an overdosed snitch
and blame squarely lies on you

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