By the Mighty Mumford

(Pencil drawing of a railroad caboose done by Kirt D. Tisdale)

Looking for a job

Back then–on weekends hobnobbed…

With a railroad crew

A museum, too,

Part-time work for the occasional bob*

Gerry Meade called one day,

Massive joy  flooded my way…

To live in a caboose

A caretaker’s ruse,

And a wonderful place to stay!

Next minute in full descent,

He said–find full-time employment…!

That was my trouble

Living in my bubble,

My dream..he destroyed it!

Harsh reality,

Knowing it needed money…

I couldn’t find

ANYTHING full-time,

A sorry state, you’d agree?

–Jonathan Caswell

*a “bob”  is an English slang term for money.

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