Breaking Up Sucks, But It Doesn’t Have To

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“I believe much of the pain of a breakup comes from having a life plan that you have fallen in love with. When it does not work out, you become angry that you now have to pursue a new life plan.” ~ Karen Salmansohn

Break-ups Don’t Need to Be “Bad”

“He is an asshole.”

“His loss.”

“What a scumbag.”

When I broke up with my boyfriend of almost (and a whole lot of it’s complicated beforehand) two years, people around me started using negative language. Neither of us had cheated, (that I knew of at the time) he wasn’t abusive, it wasn’t anything bad, except we just did not work anymore. We were going in separate directions, stretching that rubber band until the inevitable break-up.

Yet, immediately, it became this negative diatribe with major ego getting in the way.

I admit their have been a couple guys I have wanted…

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