I’m the Queen of my own story!!

Free to express

Happy basic woman special..

Queens, warriors, Princess, angels are way too old.
Todays trendy word of ruling is model, celeb, royal etc.

Hence I’m the model of my own story,
Head gears are modern crowns used to signify royalty.

It’s too mature to talk about such stuff in our early twenty’s and way too hypothetical to think if we carry within some countable stuff – a jeans, a couple of Tees, a baggit bag, a crimson coloured toothbrush and some daily utility stuff..

But what if I say this is my story and this is my way to handle it.
Then I could make sense to hold on to the words above.

The only eye opener to my lines are no matter how maintained you are or no matter how clumsy you are either, the only thing which matter is independence.

Make your self independent leading a normal life is…

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