Happy May Day

And A Happy MAY DAY too you too!


Today I sincerely wish you a very happy May Day. Today is an interesting holiday that holds different meanings for various people around the world.

I wonder if school children still construct simple May baskets as small gifts for their classmates. I remember our third grade teacher taught us how to cut narrow strips of colored construction paper and to weave them into baskets reserving one strip to glue on as the handle. We placed jelly beans or something small and special inside along with a little note to express our admiration of the person for whom the gift was made.

I also remember taking paper beverage cups, punching two holes near the rims for pipe cleaner handles to fit through. The cups were decorated with pastel colored ribbons, filled with little candy treats, and labeled with the names of the recipients. The drinking cup baskets were placed on the…

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Ghosts: A Haunted Theatre!

More great stuff froom you!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, I received this from Alisa of olderfatterhappierdotcom blog and have her permission to share with you – enjoy!


I wanted to share my own experience with the other side, although there were no physical manifestations.

When I was fresh out of college in 1972 I took a job working as the resident costume designer at the Landers Theatre in Springfield, MO. There were stories of a deadly fire in 1920, after which the original box office and hallway had been permanently closed.

I often worked alone in the basement getting costumes ready for upcoming performances. I have never been especially suggestible or prone to imagining things, but these are a couple of my experiences:
1) One afternoon I was working alone and suddenly heard all sorts of commotion above me in the theatre: voices, hammering, general activity. I was surprised because I didn’t think anything was happening that…

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Following Gmail’s makeover, Outlook rolls out new features focused on business users

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

OH! I bet they  are just as wonderful as the last time§!

Microsoft announced a series of new features for Outlook across desktop, mobile and web to take a bit of the focus off of Gmail’s massive redesign. Some of the features highlight Outlook’s usefulness in the workplace – like new meeting room suggestion capabilities and RSVP tracking. But others, particularly on mobile, are more innovative – like Quick Reply which turns email replies into chats – or Office Lens, which enhances attached photos.

Office Lens was already available in a standalone mobile app that does things like straighten out photos of paper documents, whiteboards and business cards. But this sort of image correction technology has made its way to other apps, as well – like Microsoft Pix’s camera app, which now lets you scan business cards to find people on LinkedIn.

In Outlook, Office Lens can…

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Happy May-day – Beautiful day

Yes, today is a beautiful MAY DAY. April showers bring May Flowers


Happy May-day – Beautiful day

The first day of May,
the sun is shining and the blue sky above, a blessing.

I sit by Lake St. Clair,
the water is dancing for me,
the trees are showing life and I feel the energy of the Spring days.

I pray to the lake, the trees and the sky.
Thank you for this day,
thank you for the opportunity to be able,
to be with my family,
for good health and the gift of nature.

Happy May-day, my friends.
I hope you can enjoy the days of Spring.
I hope we can learn.
Life is more than us,
one earth and one people.
Please try to slow down your life and
enjoy the sun on your face,
the feel of the water touching your feet and
sharing your smile with a stranger.

Happy May day.


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