Do You Have My Quack?

Through Open Lens

F/9.0, 1/320, ISO 320.

Ruddy Duck

Did you hear about the duck with a drug problem?

He was a quackhead.

Interesting Fact:  The oldest Ruddy Duck on record was a male and at least 13 years, 7 months old. He was banded in British Columbia and 1951 and found in Oregon in 1964. ( )

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Ghosts: A Way of Seeing Ghosts

Book 'Em, Jan O

I was listening to a series of interviews of Ed and Lorraine Warren on youTube when I heard something that got my attention. Why?  Because I’d run across exactly the same odd story before.

Ed spoke of the time he saw a ghost (he clarifies that Lorraine is the clairvoyant, he himself doesn’t usually see entities).  He was filming in a cemetery for several hours.  The spirit showed up on the film, but not to the naked eye (although he saw several “ghost lights” or orbs).  The film showed several lights floating about, then gathering  and then coalescing to form the shape of a woman.

If you refer to my earlier post,, you’ll read about another ghost sighting just like it. (I was present but alas, slept through it!).  I was so intrigued by Ed Warren’s experience because it’s the only time I’ve heard of this type of…

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”You Know Yourself Better Than Anyone”


8e5d2e9a68dbd49c38025d435d095d81”As the years go by, you get to know yourself better and learn what works for you.”

Marie Helvin

Why ask others for their opinions or thoughts? Don’t you know yourself better than anybody else?

The problem of asking the opinions of others is that they always give you advice from their perspective or their shoes.

All advice is autobiographical. Therefore the advice someone else gives you will be based on their life experiences, their thoughts, their opinions, and their emotions.

But nobody knows you as well as you do. So why even bother asking someone else for their opinion?

We have come to a time of great intensity here on planet Earth. The energies of Love and Fear/Light and Dark have increased drastically and are creating quite the experience for us right now. I’ve come across many people who hold a truth in their heart and the desire to…

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