If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?

Vintage Vow

If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?
Would you tread it carefully, or be a lot more reckless?

Have you ever felt life seeping out of your bones, crashing back in just another second?
You were so certain it was your last moment, alive. Until it wasn’t.

Why do you talk about heartbreak when I ask you about love?
Is it because you had been played on, or because you played another.

Have you ever pushed someone away, you so deeply loved because you were baffled by the intensity of the emotions you felt. Being that vulnerable. 

Has it ever happened to you, feeling lonely despite having your close friends around you?
Thinking something is majorly wrong with you, feeling the way you do.

Let me tell you this, you’re not the only one.
I feel it too and I’m certain that there are…

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Pizza Loving Tiny House

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Attention all pizza lovers, what if I told you that you could have a pizza oven in a tiny house.  Imagine all the delicious freshly baked pizza you could have ready at your finger tips.  Ever craving pizza, pop one in the oven and you can have your own personal pie in no time.  The best part about tiny living is customizing your tiny house to your wants and needs.  Clearly, pizza holds a special place in this tiny homeowners heart as this pizza oven is the star in this household.  

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Bombing of Hill 2380 – Luzon

Pacific Paratrooper

XIV Corps, 11th Airborne operation area in Southern Luzon

USMC’s Iwo Jima’s Mount Ssurabachi was only 554 feet in elevation, but they called it a mountain.  THE US ARMY’S ANGELS OF THE 11TH AIRBORNE AND 1st CAVALRY ATTACK a HILL 2,380 feet, this was 4 times higher than Mt. Suribachi!!

3rd Attack Group

Watch this 7-minute video to see the interaction of the 11th Airborne Division and the 3rd Attack Group….

While the fighting continued on Luzon, Gen. Kenney, Commander of the 5th Air Force, was requested to go to Washington.  Plans for the operation (Olympic) to invade Japan were certainly in the works and had been for quite a while, Kenney told Gen. Marshall that they could land there any time they could get the ships to take in the troops.

Gen. Kenney, 5th AF

He felt the Allies had enough troops, Navy and air power in the Pacific…

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