Bombing of Hill 2380 – Luzon

Pacific Paratrooper

XIV Corps, 11th Airborne operation area in Southern Luzon

USMC’s Iwo Jima’s Mount Ssurabachi was only 554 feet in elevation, but they called it a mountain.  THE US ARMY’S ANGELS OF THE 11TH AIRBORNE AND 1st CAVALRY ATTACK a HILL 2,380 feet, this was 4 times higher than Mt. Suribachi!!

3rd Attack Group

Watch this 7-minute video to see the interaction of the 11th Airborne Division and the 3rd Attack Group….

While the fighting continued on Luzon, Gen. Kenney, Commander of the 5th Air Force, was requested to go to Washington.  Plans for the operation (Olympic) to invade Japan were certainly in the works and had been for quite a while, Kenney told Gen. Marshall that they could land there any time they could get the ships to take in the troops.

Gen. Kenney, 5th AF

He felt the Allies had enough troops, Navy and air power in the Pacific…

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