By the Mighty Mumford

The wife and he played SCRABBLE*,

Without all the psycho-babble…

He won the first–

The second she burst

Out and upset the rabble!

–Jonathan Caswell

*SCRABBLE–a word game played with letter tiles, for 2 to four players…forming words for points.

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“Millennials Speak on Corruption …..”

America On Coffee

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Corruption is a key impediment to development, competitiveness and stability in both emerging and developed economies. The UN’sMY World2014 survey also identified transparency and corruption as a top priority for people under the age of 34.

To further explore the view of this demographic (specifically “millennials” – those aged 18-34) on this topic, a survey was distributed to millennial networks of each organization involved in this project.

The survey suggests that the two issues regarded as most important by those millennials in the survey are the impact corruption will have on growth and what other impacts it will have on the future, including voting and the public sector as a career choice.

As the generation that will live with the consequences of today’s corruption the longest, it is important that its voice is heard, and its concerns acted on.

With this initial group of respondents…

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