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Ghosts: The Crying Boy Curse

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, you must check this out! Sooo creepy! A tale of a series of haunted paintings! from Paranormal Hauntings blog.

The Curse of the Crying Boys Paintings The History and theory behind it all: In England, 1985, a series of bizarre fires broke out, destroying many homes and businesses. 932 more words

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Saint-Gaudens NHS

Free Rangering

This was another one of those experiences where I knew nothing about it and then got there and realized that I actually knew stuff about this and had never put it together.  I never really remember things like band names, or songs, or albums, which bothers my husband to no end.  Apparently my art history is the same.  Augustus Saint-Gaudens is one of the premier American sculptures and is specifically known for his civil war works.  Which is fortuitous because we are just wrapping up our Civil War unit.

We arrived at the site and immediately became concerned it was closed (spoiler alert IT WAS.)  After parking we walked up a lovely trail with a babbling brook until we found what appeared to be a visitors center.  There were a group of people near the door.  They GAUDEN DISPLAYtold us to come on inside and the young man, who turned out…

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“Millennials Speak on Corruption …..”


Featured image:

Corruption is a key impediment to development, competitiveness and stability in both emerging and developed economies. The UN’sMY World2014 survey also identified transparency and corruption as a top priority for people under the age of 34.

To further explore the view of this demographic (specifically “millennials” – those aged 18-34) on this topic, a survey was distributed to millennial networks of each organization involved in this project.

The survey suggests that the two issues regarded as most important by those millennials in the survey are the impact corruption will have on growth and what other impacts it will have on the future, including voting and the public sector as a career choice.

As the generation that will live with the consequences of today’s corruption the longest, it is important that its voice is heard, and its concerns acted on.

With this initial group of respondents…

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Peace, hell and heaven


Words for peace, hell and heaven

I called you my friend. I have become the literal dead. Dead friends killed in faraway wars are heavy upon my mind and the damned wars keep a-coming. I saw one of my friend’s children. She graduated High School. I stood with her and I told her, she was her father’s angel and wealth. He loved you so and he would be so proud of you.

My friend. My mind had turned cold and hard. My senses are gone and I need to be near the sea and to hear your voice. I need someone to tell me I’m going to be okay.

I stood by my friend’s grave and I sat with him. I could hear his voice and I could see his smiling face. I heard him tell me, Johnnie, live for me and ensure my children’s future. Their father loved them…

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The weather today was not too bad, so I decided to take my Nikon P600 out for a stroll and see what was new at the Union Canal.  It was on the cold side, but still not anywhere near freezing like it had been.  Here I tried to capture the “bleakness” of Nature during the Winter months.  Everything is bland with no color at all.


Here is what used to be a Towpath used for the Mules/Horse’s that pulled the Canal boats down the Canal.  Now, it is a walking/bicycle/hikeing Trail.  Of course, the trees were not there at that time.


Here is what remains of the old Canal boat holding area.  Most of it is frozen over.  Long ago, I used to go swimming here, but not anymore.  Guess you can see why.  You can still see the retaining wall of stone on the left.  There are memories here…

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