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Report: Uber, Lyft Worsening Congestion in New York City

Streetsblog NYC Feb 27, 2017

The controversy over Uber’s impact on Manhattan traffic has been settled. Uber, Lyft, and other app-based ride services are unequivocally worsening gridlock in the Manhattan core as well as northern Manhattan and the western parts of Queens and Brooklyn, according to a report released today by transportation analyst Bruce Schaller.

The new ride services, known as transportation network companies, or TNC’s, last year caused a net increase of 600 million vehicle miles traveled in the five boroughs — a 3 to 4 percent jump in citywide traffic, Schaller found. This trend marks a troubling inflection point — for the first time in many years, car-based services, not transit, account for most growth in travel.

1983 Mercedes Benz 380SEL


Kevin Hellriegel's Blog of Worthless Advice

This past Halloween, I purchased an old 1983 Mercedes Benz 380SEL.  What drove me to do such a thing?

 I wanted a “hobby” car that was large enough for a comfortable drive, yet, wasn’t too expensive where I’d have guilt purchasing it.  I ended up with “Helga”, my 1983 silver gray, 4 door sedan 3.8L V8 (126 body style) with all working power windows, a working sunroof, working heater, and four decent tires (no spare tire).  I’m not sure about the a/c unit yet.  Helga doesn’t have any dents but she does have some issues inside the interior of the car. 

The previous owner was a smoker so I am washing everything in the car to get rid of the smoke smell.  I’ve washed the carpets, the seats, the headrests, and the roof.  I’ve spread baking soda to soak up the smell and did a Google search on how to…

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Chronicles of Vader & Yellowie: A Cute Love story

My Life

Majestic Blue Car(Chevy 1957) named as ‘Vader’ is very proud of his appearance. He always thinks that other Cars look untidy & shabby.

That's Mr. Vader That’s Mr. Vader

One day a new car came to the neighbourhood. She was a small Yellow car called ‘Yellowie’ it looked so pretty that even the beautiful Sunflower look faded before her. All the cars were very happy to get a new neighbour. “Hi,” honked one. “Welcome,” honked another.

My cute 'Yellowie'That’s Ms. ‘Yellowie’

Ms.Yellowie is so pretty that even a sunflower looks faded before her.. Ms.Yellowie is looks best when she wears a smile on her face.. 😛

But Vader did not say anything. “Ah! Another shabby little thing has come,” he felt he was falling in love with her. Yellowie was very sweet and she became friendly with everyone. Vader felt jealous but he was too proud to talk to her. Miniature cars_Yellowie & Vader (6)But one day he was very angry and honked, “You talk too much. I really hate cars who talk endlessly.”…

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