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I’m cool I know jordyn jones


Jordyn Jones sings banji I’m dappin that’s my favorite


Becky G

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The Raven's Nest

Griddle Child

Escaping society’s pressures as a woman was once possible: Arranged weddings, childbearing, harsh judgement or even poverty. If you couldn’t fit in the life outside you always had a place in the convent.

Framework or cage, it is no surprise so many of us like to conform. Responsibility is reduced and you have a false sense of freedom. It is a safe place where you think you belong because you do what is demanded. You know and understand the patterned and templates, you are good at drawing within the lines and use the appropriate color scheme. You are a good son or daughter, a good student and a successful business person and eventually a fair and secure parent. Sometime the lines are a bit blurry but you remember what was asked the last time and offer it as it is expected. You obey the rules and you are recognized whether…

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Devil Girl Diaries

The Lonely Author


Devil Girl Diaries

Every man has that one unforgettable female that will haunt him until the end of time; the chick that got away. Allie detested television, vanilla ice cream, and missionary. My muse had a nickname. Devil Girl I called her. My name is Andrew. This is our story.

Determined to explore the depths of sexuality

Devil Girl took me to heights I had never known

our exploits began on a sunny day at a mall

returning from the ladies room

she jammed her wet red thong in my hand

the act left me trembling like a frightened deer

her short skirt threatened to expose

the sweet treasure I refused to share

the image of her bare ass caught my breath

teasing, taunting, and provoking me

she strutted away in high heels

intoxicated by her swaying skirt   

my heart pounded against my ribs

devoid of saliva thirst overwhelmed…

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Picking the Best of Ordinary Adventures [Poll]

Ordinary Adventures

I have some exciting news! On top of applying to grad school, trying to pump out new content here, working, experimenting with new hobbies, and going through tons of paper work for my provisional licensure, I have decided to add more to my plate. But this is completely worth the added stress. I have come across an amazing opportunity. I have found an opening for a guest blogging, paid position, and I want it. Desperately. It’s probably more than a one and in a million chance (literally) that I will be chosen for the job, but that won’t stop me from applying. I’d rather fail than not try, especially with this one.

For the application, I have to send in three blog posts to kind of sum up my writing, photography skills, and who I am as a blogger. And here’s where you guys come in!

I would be forever grateful…

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By the Mighty Mumford


“HELLO BARBY” my young friend,

I’ve come to talk to you again…

‘Bout a vision softly creeping

In my dreams while I was sleeping…

And the vision that was planted in my brain…still remains…

An A.I. is among us!

In these dreams I talked alone,

With a doll to call my own…

But everything I said

Found its way out and was spread

to  its makers who propositioned me


How could my doll…do this?

I poured my heart out privately

“HELLO BARBY” can’t you see,

You’re supposed to  be my friend

On my privacy I must depend,

Then a thought hit…that you were just teasing me…

By pleasing me—

For information passed on

To your makers!

Said I, this isn’t fair,

I lovingly comb your hair…

How so quickly you would betray

The one who bought you for that special day

And my…

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