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Des centaines de personnes fuient les maisons alors que les vents soufflent en Californie

Les vents levants ont attisé les feux de forêt du nord de la Californie tôt samedi, forçant des centaines de personnes à fuir leurs maisons dans le pays légendaire de l’État et à détruire plus de bâtiments.

Environ 400 maisons ont été évacuées avant les flammes. Les zones touchées comprenaient la communauté de retraite d’Oakmont près de Santa Rosa qui a été évacuée plus tôt dans la semaine, a indiqué le département d’État de la foresterie et de la protection contre les incendies.

Les flammes ont également atteint une partie peu peuplée de Sonoma, une ville de 11 000 habitants, où certaines structures ont brûlé, a déclaré le porte-parole de CalFire, Jonathan Cox.

Les incendies ont fait au moins 35 morts et 5 700 habitations et entreprises détruites, ce qui en fait la série la plus meurtrière et la plus meurtrière jamais vue par la Californie.

Les pompiers ont fait état de leurs premiers progrès dans la lutte contre les incendies vendredi, mais les responsables attendent les vents samedi pour tester si ces gains pourraient durer.



Why Trump’s Attack on a California Railroad Should Trouble You

CHANCES ARE, YOU ignore the federal budgetary process. If the esoteric language and shifting deadlines don’t drive you away, the decades-long timelines and internecine politics will. So it’s understandable you didn’t dig up the details when, last week, the Wired MagazineFederal Transit Administration delayed a $637 million grant for Caltrain, the San Francisco Bay Area’s commuter rail system.
You should have, even if you’re not one of Caltrain’s 60,200 daily riders, or don’t live in the region, or even the state. By delaying this particular grant—which would electrify Caltrain’s rails, so trains can ditch diesel—the Trump Administration didn’t just deal a temporary blow to the health and economy of the Bay Area. It may have launched the opening salvo in what could be a war against public transit, with national consequences.

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San Diego


San Diego is so close to LA that if we want to go somewhere, but don’t want to go very far, it’s always the first thing we think of. We went there multiple times for different occasions, from birthdays to impromptu trips to school trips. Each time, we find something different about the city. Here’s a few of our favorites.


Two of the places we recommend is Phil’s BBQ and Extraordinary Desserts. Phil’s BBQ has really good ribs and a nice atmosphere. The line is very long but the food is worth the wait. Extraordinary desserts is a wonderful place to sit and talk, with beautiful desserts and quirky souvenirs that you can spend hours exploring.

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Balboa Park

Balboa Park has great architecture and tons of things to do. There is the San Diego National History Museum with the great display about water and a giant…

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Grade Crossing Accidents Coast-To-Coast


Motorist questioned in California train crash that hurts 28

A commuter train crashed into a truck and derailed Tuesday, injuring dozens of people in farmland northwest of Los Angeles.

The collision sent three cars of the Metrolink train tumbling onto their sides. A total of 28 passengers were taken to hospitals, four with critical injuries, according to the Oxnard Fire Department.

Authorities were questioning the truck driver, whom they said fled and was found several miles away. For reason that are not yet clear, his truck was sitting on the tracks at a marked crossing around 5:44 a.m. as the train approached, fire officials said.

“The conductor noticed the car early and established emergency protocol. He anticipated the crash from a far distance,” Oxnard Fire Battalion Chief Sergio Martinez said.

Little was left of the truck except scorched and mangled wreckage, with some debris in a nearby intersection and some…

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