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Last Boston & Maine Milk

And as for Boston & Maine milk service the last of the service ran from Eagle Bridge, NY to the Hood plant on Rutherford Ave., in Charlestown, MA ca. 1972.
Contributed June, 2006 by Mal Houck

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Meal Planning…A Love/Hate Relationship

Looking Joli Good

Continue to journey with me from Flab to FAB

Do you meal plan?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  

Now that I have gone back to work, meal planning is going to be more important than ever!  I used to be able to go grocery shopping whenever I felt like it and take my time.  Then all afternoon I’d be planning and making dinner.  Not so much anymore.

When I come home from working all day the absolute last thing I feel like doing is taking the time to make a big healthy meal. (Can I get an Amen!)  I am starving from running around taking care of patients all dayand I want to eat right then!  I have to admit, I had a bit of a rough time with sticking to my diet this week.  I did awesome during breakfast and lunch, but when I got…

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Eloise’s Edible Garden

Eloises Edibles


My foodie obsession has gone to a whole new level (you might say that I get carried away when it comes to anything with food). I have decided to bring some more responsibility in my life in the form of looking after some living herbs.

Now I must admit, right here, right now that I am no green thumb in fact I have not really had much success in keeping anything plant wise alive but this year I feel like I have matured enough to take on the conscious effort to look after another living soul all by myself and that I am ready to finally expand my knowledge of food by growing them.

 Above is a picture of my beautiful herb garden, well to be honest this is what it looked like when I first created it. What I have found is that I am full of great ideas (I’m certainly the creative type)…

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