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Coast Guard Academy to host symposium on Holocaust

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is hosting students from other service academies this weekend for a discussion of the Holocaust.

The academy in New London says the goal of the Holocaust Studies Symposium on Saturday is to promote awareness about genocide and the ethical dilemmas faced by armed forces officers.
Cadets and midshipmen from the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy and the Coast Guard academy will lead discussion groups at the event.

Some of the students participating in the event received internships to study at the Auschwitz Jewish Center in Poland.


L’histoire de la Journée Columbus et de la Journée des peuples autochtones

Vandalized Christopher Columbus statue à New Haven.


Pour certains, le deuxième lundi d’octobre est une célébration de Christophe Colomb, l’explorateur italien venu dans les Amériques. Pour d’autres, c’est l’occasion d’examiner de manière critique l’héritage de Colomb et de célébrer les gens qui vivaient ici bien avant son arrivée dans le cadre de la Journée des peuples autochtones.

Columbus Day est une observation de l’anniversaire de l’arrivée de l’explorateur sur une île dans ce qui est maintenant les Bahamas le 12 octobre 1492. De nombreux Américains italiens honorent leur héritage à la Journée de Colomb avec des défilés et des festivals.

Cependant, ces dernières années, les indigènes et d’autres se sont ralliés contre les vacances, affirmant que Colomb a asservi et assassiné beaucoup de peuples autochtones. Il y a maintenant un mouvement croissant pour réclamer la journée en l’honneur des peuples autochtones et leurs cultures et contributions uniques.

Amtrak maintenance backlog tops $38 billion on northeast route

Crains New York Business via California Rail News

The busiest U.S. passenger rail route needs $38 billion to stay in good working order, a 36% jump over the estimate just a year ago, according to a group that oversees the Northeast Corridor.
Though Amtrak and the regional railroads that use its tracks have pledged $3.3 billion for infrastructure over five years, that won’t go toward the backlog of projects needed to refurbish signals and power systems, replace bridges and build a new Hudson River tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey, according to a five-year capital-investment  plan released Thursday by the Northeast Corridor Commission.
All told, 820,000 daily riders—two-thirds of them commuters using New Jersey Transit, Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road—are at risk of increased service interruptions or even failure of the entire 457-mile Boston-to-Washington route. Last fiscal year, 11% of trains using the line were late or canceled.
The Gateway Project which includes a new Hudson River rail tunnel to relieve commuter rail congestion is $25 Billion of this $38 Billion backlog.

The D&H in Oneonta

During the steam days and for some time afterards, Oneonta was a busy yard for trains both out of Binghamton and Wilkes Barre. It was also an engine change point and crew change point and had a huge roundhouse. The roundhouse fell into disuse after the Alco RS-3’s took over. Eventually, traffic patterns changed and the yard at Oneonta was more or less replaced by a rebuilt facility at Binghamton and the crews were run through between Binghamton and Saratoga or maybe Mohawk Yard in Schenectady and Binghamton. The last major activity in Oneonta was probably the car shop which after the CP takeover was shut down and replaced by facilities elsewhere.

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Philadelphia Art Museum

Experience a world of wonder as you view the Museum’s internationally renowened collections of nearly 225,000 works of art. See Thomas Eakins’ The Gross Clinic. It is regarded by many art critics as the best examplev of 19th Century American Art. Even WalMart couldn’t buy it!! The people of Philadelphia came together to keep in in Philadelphia.

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