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The Fruits of my Labor

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After weeks of complaining about my lack of time to build, I am finished with my F3H-2N Demon. It was a pleasant build overall with few issues. A few gaps and ill fitting parts were the only setbacks. The decals for this kit were wonderful. A little on the thicker side, they went on quite well. They also react superb with decal set. Although I was disappointed with the lack of Emhar’s attention to detail, I am pleased with the end result. For the price, it stings a little to see what you get for your investment. For the ease of the build, it was worth it. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me through this one. It’s tough when there aren’t enough minutes in the day to get projects finished. With patience and determination, this Demon has a parking spot on my shelf and not half complete…

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1983 Mercedes Benz 380SEL


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This past Halloween, I purchased an old 1983 Mercedes Benz 380SEL.  What drove me to do such a thing?

 I wanted a “hobby” car that was large enough for a comfortable drive, yet, wasn’t too expensive where I’d have guilt purchasing it.  I ended up with “Helga”, my 1983 silver gray, 4 door sedan 3.8L V8 (126 body style) with all working power windows, a working sunroof, working heater, and four decent tires (no spare tire).  I’m not sure about the a/c unit yet.  Helga doesn’t have any dents but she does have some issues inside the interior of the car. 

The previous owner was a smoker so I am washing everything in the car to get rid of the smoke smell.  I’ve washed the carpets, the seats, the headrests, and the roof.  I’ve spread baking soda to soak up the smell and did a Google search on how to…

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