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Le village de Saint-Tropez

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Loin du bling bling qu’on lui connait, Saint-Tropez est aussi un village.
Un village qui accueille un marché de produits de la mer, à quelques mètres du port, et des stands de fruits et légumes, au détour d’une rue.

Saint-Tropez 5Saint-Tropez 4

Ci-dessus: Les petits marchés de Saint-Tropez, une de ses petites ruelles commerçantes, parallèle au port et la plage de la Ponche, mythique.

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San Diego


San Diego is so close to LA that if we want to go somewhere, but don’t want to go very far, it’s always the first thing we think of. We went there multiple times for different occasions, from birthdays to impromptu trips to school trips. Each time, we find something different about the city. Here’s a few of our favorites.


Two of the places we recommend is Phil’s BBQ and Extraordinary Desserts. Phil’s BBQ has really good ribs and a nice atmosphere. The line is very long but the food is worth the wait. Extraordinary desserts is a wonderful place to sit and talk, with beautiful desserts and quirky souvenirs that you can spend hours exploring.

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Balboa Park

Balboa Park has great architecture and tons of things to do. There is the San Diego National History Museum with the great display about water and a giant…

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Why is the cathedral of Málaga unfinished?


It’s a summer day and you are wandering around the beautiful streets of Málaga. You are struggling with your body and your mind as you can perceive how the nearly 40 degrees at 12 a.m. make you feel totally exhausted. As you are a cautious traveller, you have been planning your trip for some days or weeks before arriving to the capital city of the sun coast in the south of Spain deciding what you are going to do and the landmarks you are going to visit.

As you have been searching information on the Internet, you have probably found out that Málaga is a city you can go all over in only one day or maybe two and that it’s the place where the famous painter Picasso or the well-known actor Antonio Banderas were born. You’ve also read about the great number of important museums that have opened its doors…

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Let’s Wrap This Up…


For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about New Orleans. Our trip has been lovely and writing about it feels like experiencing it again. Afterwards we’ll set out on different projects, but here are some things to wrap this up!

Louis Armstrong Park

The Louis Armstrong Park is a park dedicated to jazz and New Orleans musicians. As you’d expect, it’s very artsy. There is the presence of water, rivers threading through the park and little lakes with ducks…it’s a great place to settle down with a good book or to have lunch. Through the gates we could see the Tremé Neighborhood. There are also other parks within the French Quarter, such as the New Orleans Musical Legends Park, which has lovely performances.


The Mississippi is undoubtedly one of the most famous American rivers. While we were there, we did not see the sparkling blue surface that…

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Antibes/Juan-les-pins (France)



Our WebSite offers interesting and informative sections on:
Hotels in Antibes/Juan-les-pins and the surrounding areas
Biot, France

Other attractions West of Nice
Hotels in Antibes/Juan-les-pins and the surrounding areas
Moustiers, France
Saint-Paul de Vence
Sophia-Antipolis, Villeneuve-Loubet and Marina Baie des Anges


Antibes was a Greek fortified town named Antipolis in the 5th century BC, and later a Roman town, and always an active port for trading along the Mediterranean. Today it’s an attractive and active town, popular with “foreigners” from Paris and the north of France, with non-French, and with the local population.

The natural beauty remains in the vieille ville (old town), with the ramparts along the sea and the long, arched protective wall along the port. There are plenty of little streets for exploring, restaurants of all types and prices, and lots of shops, from authentic little hardware/general-stores to tourist gift shops.

Antibes is…

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Dubai Dress Code for Travellers

Adventure Affinity

As you’re planning and packing for your trip to Dubai, you may discover the challenge of finding outfits that are both suitable for the heat of the desert and respectful of Islamic culture.  Dubai is known to have looser reigns on its dress code and way of life than the other six emirates, but a little sensibility and common sense will go a long way.

There is no fashion police who will materialize and arrest you.  I noticed some women travellers at the Dubai Mall who were dressed in denim shorts (think Laguna Beach) and tank tops.  No attention was paid to them, but for everyone’s sake, show a little respect for the local culture!

I visited Dubai in December and the climate was very comfortable – high of 26°C (79°F) during the day and low of 15°C (60°F) in the evening.  There can be a lot of rain from December –…

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Bloukrans: The World’s Highest Bridge Bungee



It’s safe to say that I am a pretty adventurous type of girl. I have cage dived with Great White Sharks, jumped out of a plane, gone snorkelling in the middle of a blizzard, hung out with lions, gone caving in Budapest and donned some crampons for vertical ice climbing. Throughout all of these adventures, and throughout the rest of my life, I have been pretty much fearless. However, that all changed when I set foot on the Bloukrans Bridge near The Crags in South Africa. A busy thoroughfare for buses and trucks, and also the home of the highest bridge bungee jump, and the third highest overall bungee jump in the world.

I had pre-purchased my jump online, knowing that if I had paid for it, I wouldn’t back out, even if I wanted to. It might seem strange that I felt no fear when flinging…

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Ranking 5 of Europe’s Best Metro Systems.

The Chronicles of Wanderlust.

chroniclesofwanderlust-europetransittickets Some of our metro ticket stubs from Europe. Clockwise: Brussels, Paris (two types), Sweden (two types), London (four types), and Berlin.

Maze Hill, Troon, Grands Boulevards, Hufelandstraße, and Telefonplan. These terms probably mean absolutely nothing to you, but when we were in Europe, they meant home.

Whether you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist, it is always important to familiarize yourself with a city’s metro. A better understanding of these systems would ultimately save you time and avoid confusion or squabbles. In many major metropolitan areas, a sophisticated public transit system is already in place. Taking the metro to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is both efficient and inexpensive (dependent on how often you use it, of course).

We relied heavily on the metro systems of London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and, to a lesser extent, Brussels when we visited Europe. There was…

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