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International flights to JFK airport reduced amid backlog

Harsh weather forced a “surge” of rescheduled flights that ultimately knocked out equipment at John F. Kennedy International Airport inNew York this afternoon, stranding several international jets and their passengers.

In a statement, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Saturday evening stated that they, along with the FAA, are “limiting some flights into JFK” and all international arrivals into the airport’s Terminal 1.

The agency added that they ramped up staffing and begun utilizing shuttle buses “to bring passengers experiencing delays back to the terminals.”

They blame a combination of the epic winter storm ravaging the East Coast disabling equipment and the resulting rescheduled “delayed flights.”

It all “resulted in terminal operators and airlines experiencing delays in getting planes and their passengers into their gates,” according to the statement.

Passengers diverted to Stewart International Airport have problems!


Amtrak maintenance backlog tops $38 billion on northeast route

Crains New York Business via California Rail News

The busiest U.S. passenger rail route needs $38 billion to stay in good working order, a 36% jump over the estimate just a year ago, according to a group that oversees the Northeast Corridor.
Though Amtrak and the regional railroads that use its tracks have pledged $3.3 billion for infrastructure over five years, that won’t go toward the backlog of projects needed to refurbish signals and power systems, replace bridges and build a new Hudson River tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey, according to a five-year capital-investment  plan released Thursday by the Northeast Corridor Commission.
All told, 820,000 daily riders—two-thirds of them commuters using New Jersey Transit, Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road—are at risk of increased service interruptions or even failure of the entire 457-mile Boston-to-Washington route. Last fiscal year, 11% of trains using the line were late or canceled.
The Gateway Project which includes a new Hudson River rail tunnel to relieve commuter rail congestion is $25 Billion of this $38 Billion backlog.

Upgrade for America’s Busiest Rail Lines Depends on Trump Administration

A U.S. agency on Friday endorsed an expensive plan to expand and repair the busy U.S. Northeast Corridor rail lines over the next three decades, adding new tracks in most locations and cutting the time to travel from Washington to New York by 35 minutes.

But it will be up to the incoming Donald Trump administration and Congress, states, cities, and railroads to decide whether to move forward with expensive improvements. New projects and tracks will require more review and more environmental studies, as well as significant funding.

Trump has promised to spend billions of dollars on improvements in U.S. infrastructure such as highways, bridges, and mass transit.

The U.S. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) on Friday recommended adding new tracks to increase the Northeast Corridor to four tracks in most locations — an expansion it says it would result in four billion fewer miles a year traveled on U.S. roads.

The FRA also proposes adding many regional trains and providing up to five times more intercity trains.

It estimates the plan’s total cost at $123 billion to $128 billion.

In 2012, at the urging of Congress, Northeastern states and the federal agency began working together to develop a plan for the corridor.

Under the proposal, the agency said, travel time from Boston to New York would be 45 minutes faster for a total time of two hours and 45 minutes, while travel from New York to Washington would be 35 minutes faster for a total time of two hours and 10 minutes.

About 750,000 people a day ride along some section of the 457-mile (735-km) corridor, making them the busiest rail lines in the United States, while 70 freight trains use the corridor daily, moving over 350,000 carloads of freight annually.

Amtrak’s high-speed Acela passenger train plies the Northeast Corridor from Boston to Washington, but currently cannot hit top speeds on many sections of the railroad because of the condition of the tracks.

The FRA also proposes adding intercity access to Philadelphia Airport so that passengers do not have to change trains at 30th Street Station and adding direct service to Hartford, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts.

The agency also proposes bringing the current corridor back to good condition before expanding it. The FRA estimates the project would create 47,000 jobs a year for 30 years.

Tweed Heads – New South Wales

The Inspiration Shots

Week 26/52

Tweed Heads is a town located on the Tweed River in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia, in Tweed Shire. Tweed Heads is located next to the border with Queensland, adjacent to the “Twin Town” of Coolangatta, a suburb of the Gold Coast. It is often referred to as a town where you can change time zones – even celebrate New Year twice within an hour – simply by crossing the street, due to its proximity to the Queensland border, and the fact that New South Wales observes daylight saving whereas Queensland does not.

In 1823 John Oxley was the first European to see the Tweed Valley, and he wrote of it: “A deep rich valley clothed with magnificent trees, the beautiful uniformity of which was only interrupted by the turns and windings of the river, which here and there appeared like small lakes. The background was Mt. Warning…

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San Diego


San Diego is so close to LA that if we want to go somewhere, but don’t want to go very far, it’s always the first thing we think of. We went there multiple times for different occasions, from birthdays to impromptu trips to school trips. Each time, we find something different about the city. Here’s a few of our favorites.


Two of the places we recommend is Phil’s BBQ and Extraordinary Desserts. Phil’s BBQ has really good ribs and a nice atmosphere. The line is very long but the food is worth the wait. Extraordinary desserts is a wonderful place to sit and talk, with beautiful desserts and quirky souvenirs that you can spend hours exploring.

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Balboa Park

Balboa Park has great architecture and tons of things to do. There is the San Diego National History Museum with the great display about water and a giant…

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Aerosinusitis: How to Prevent it From Ruining Your Travels.

The Chronicles of Wanderlust.


Have your ears popped during a flight?
Did you experience a headache or sharp sinus pains?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to one, or all of the above, you are not alone. This post is about a reaction that is uncommonly common during flights called Aerosinusitis. Unfortunately, it can happen to any of us when flying.. even yourself.

What is Aerosinusitis?

Image source: Wikipedia Image source: Wikipedia

Diane A. Safer, PhD of the NYU Langone Medical Center defines Aerosinusitis (also known as Barotrauma) as a “pain or discomfort that is felt with a difference in air or water pressure between the outside environment and the inside of the body.” Meaning, any part of the body where air passes through (ie: nose, ears, lungs) can be affected. If there becomes an imbalance in air pressure, or there’s a blockage in the body’s air passages, your sinuses and any affected body part(s) will shrink or swell resulting…

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Why is the cathedral of Málaga unfinished?


It’s a summer day and you are wandering around the beautiful streets of Málaga. You are struggling with your body and your mind as you can perceive how the nearly 40 degrees at 12 a.m. make you feel totally exhausted. As you are a cautious traveller, you have been planning your trip for some days or weeks before arriving to the capital city of the sun coast in the south of Spain deciding what you are going to do and the landmarks you are going to visit.

As you have been searching information on the Internet, you have probably found out that Málaga is a city you can go all over in only one day or maybe two and that it’s the place where the famous painter Picasso or the well-known actor Antonio Banderas were born. You’ve also read about the great number of important museums that have opened its doors…

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About me and how it began

Epic Corners of the World

My name is Denise and I’ve started travelling after finishing High School.
I live in mid europe but technically I call many places my home while on the road.

Why did I start travelling?

Like for most people it started with my year abroad. After High School I’ve decided that I was not really willing for work yet so I planned my get away. It’s been my life long dream to go to the USA and so I’ve just made it become reality.
I went to an international school in California where I met people from all over the world all nationalities, religions and customs. And that’s when I realized that this is what I am really interested in – what I really love.

To get to know different people, lifestyles and customs. See places I only know from TV and books. Make those pictures a real life experience.

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Let’s Wrap This Up…


For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about New Orleans. Our trip has been lovely and writing about it feels like experiencing it again. Afterwards we’ll set out on different projects, but here are some things to wrap this up!

Louis Armstrong Park

The Louis Armstrong Park is a park dedicated to jazz and New Orleans musicians. As you’d expect, it’s very artsy. There is the presence of water, rivers threading through the park and little lakes with ducks…it’s a great place to settle down with a good book or to have lunch. Through the gates we could see the Tremé Neighborhood. There are also other parks within the French Quarter, such as the New Orleans Musical Legends Park, which has lovely performances.


The Mississippi is undoubtedly one of the most famous American rivers. While we were there, we did not see the sparkling blue surface that…

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