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Ghosts: Another Haunted Restaurant!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, check out the story of this spooky restaurant in Ventura, CA, from a news report!  via ‘Haunted’ Ventura restaurant shares spooky videos | Fox News

For more ghosts and scary things, please see:

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The lights are on and someone is home

The Conglomerate Lode

The other day whilst in the midst of job hunting under grey and threatening skies I was struck with uncommon sentiment so I did what comes natural I head for water’s edge.  No massive ocean close to hand, no pounding, crashing waves upon defenseless sand to steal the attention no, my choice the mighty Columbia River.  Sunlight reflects and strong winds out of the Columbia River Gorge catapult memory back, back, back bringing a smile of remembrance and the following from depths within:

Love is:  Amorous, heartfelt, kind, generous, euphoric

Love is:  Anguish, unease, sadness, mournful

An addicting drug, lonely, vacant

A high, a spectacular sunrise, sunset

The first snowfall, awe-inspiring mountain range

Water’s edge tickles the grey matter

Robust, steady wind caress the head, nature’s massage

Sadness in distant eyes

Melancholy moment


A sun break

Rain now across the glasses

Back to present time

Home now and through…

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US is ‘new global villain,’ says American activist Jerry Day!!!


American activist and social media expert Jerry Day has called on the American nation to recognize the war crimes the U.S. government, military and corporate deep-state have committed in the Middle East and rest of the world. “They [U.S.] are simply bombing whatever they want to bomb, killing whoever they what to kill, destroying whatever they choose to destroy without legal grounds. We are the new global villain,” said Day.

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Japanese weaponry

Pacific Paratrooper

Firing a ‘knee’ mortar.

When it came to weapons production, the Imperial Japanese Army’s requirements often came in second to the needs of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Army was an infantry-heavy organization that lacked much in the way of the modern heavy weaponry other armies enjoyed. 

To help compensate for the lack of heavy weapons, the Imperial Japanese Army worked hard to develop large numbers of what were probably the best light infantrymen in the world at the time. Their creed stressed relentless offensive action seeking a quick decision and emphasizing spiritual factors including zealous dedication and fighting spirit. Night attacks were a true specialty, and their weaponry reflected their light and fast doctrine.

To offset their frequent lack of artillery, the Japanese augmented their firepower through the extensive use of mortars, the best and most cost-effective substitute for industry-intensive heavier artillery.  Technically, Japanese light “knee” mortars at first…

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