Tia found her confidence today and allowed me to give her head a good scratch for quite a long time. In fact each time I stopped she would angle her head into my hand again. Every cow has a sweet spot and Tia’s is right between the eyes. 

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O Allah, adorn us with the beauty of faith … Allah’ım! Bizi iman ziyneti ile süsle …


O Allah, by Your knowledge of the unseen and Your power over creation, keep me alive so long as You know such life to be good for me and take me if You know death to be better for me.

O Allah, make me fearful of You whether in secret or in public and I ask You to make me true in speech, in times of pleasure and anger.I ask you to make me moderate in times of wealth and poverty and I ask You for everlasting bliss and joy which will never cease.I ask You to make me pleased with what You have decreed and for an easy life after death.I ask You for the sweetness of looking upon Your Face and a longing to encounter You in a manner which does not entail a calamity which will bring about harm nor a trial which will cause deviation.


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If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?

Vintage Vow

If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?
Would you tread it carefully, or be a lot more reckless?

Have you ever felt life seeping out of your bones, crashing back in just another second?
You were so certain it was your last moment, alive. Until it wasn’t.

Why do you talk about heartbreak when I ask you about love?
Is it because you had been played on, or because you played another.

Have you ever pushed someone away, you so deeply loved because you were baffled by the intensity of the emotions you felt. Being that vulnerable. 

Has it ever happened to you, feeling lonely despite having your close friends around you?
Thinking something is majorly wrong with you, feeling the way you do.

Let me tell you this, you’re not the only one.
I feel it too and I’m certain that there are…

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How to grow into a hero in blogging

Success Inspirers' World

It is possible to become a hero in blogging?

Make your own contribution.

There are many bloggers who break new grounds in blogging everyday.

The winners master the techniques of successful blogging and use them to achieve great results.

When God blesses you with a gift, he wants you to share with others to help them grow as well.

What you share multiplies; what you selfishly keep to yourself has a way of running away from you in the long run.

Do you have some tips on blogging? Why not share them. One or two or more tips on successful blogging can change someone’s life.

Now, go on and share any tips you know on how to do successful blogging.

“Sharing is caring.”

Make your own contribution! Don’t mind whether it is big or small. Say something.

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Pizza Loving Tiny House

Everything Tiny House Related


Attention all pizza lovers, what if I told you that you could have a pizza oven in a tiny house.  Imagine all the delicious freshly baked pizza you could have ready at your finger tips.  Ever craving pizza, pop one in the oven and you can have your own personal pie in no time.  The best part about tiny living is customizing your tiny house to your wants and needs.  Clearly, pizza holds a special place in this tiny homeowners heart as this pizza oven is the star in this household.  

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