By the Mighty Mumford

A while ago I listed,

Walking cane uses that existed…

Here are some more

Are more in store?

Some of these together are twisted.

–Jonathan Caswell


–Clearing snow off car windows with the cane handle (not for ice)

–Picking dirty socks off the floor

–Pulling rubbish close enough to reach and dispose of

–use handle as a back scratcher (said before-?)

–lifting canvas bags  by loops so wife can grab them

–long reach to press auto door opener (handicapped door)

–tapping a friend on the other shoulder

–guiding pussycats back into their apartment—attempted!

–picking shoes or slippers up

–(nothing vulgar allowed here!)

–conversation piece when one cane is…out in the car, where it is now?, why not take with you?

–walk (almost) like Charley Chaplain

–prop you up when standing too long…from whichever direction one feels am falling

–not so good on freshly mopped…

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My little brittle Universe

Thoughts as Colors,

Vibrant yet layers,

In the bait of light,

appear out of sight,

There’s light at the

End of tunnel,

Will you start and,

Reach there ??

Or simply turn around??

Thoughts train and endTunnel

There is a moment we all were struggling inside with these multitudes of Colors. Those are longings. Those are the baits we play.

Reach out the end of the world and see the light. There’s a lot of light.

One need to identify it.

Celebrate Life.

Masoom Jethwa.

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By Amtrak bus and train from Torrance to Camarillo; it’s possible but can be difficult


Trip Report and Photos by Mike Palmer
Some time ago Amtrak and Caltrans extended a Thruway bus route to Torrance; it connects at Bakersfield with the San Joaquins and stops at Van Nuys along the way. I decided to check it out on March 11.

Amtk bus 5919 at Van Nuys 3-11-17

Amtrak bus 5919 is at the Van Nuys Amtrak station on March 11.

My northbound trip – Bus 5919 Torrance to Van Nuys, then train 769 Van Nuys to Camarillo was mostly fine. The bus ran on time but had few passengers: me and one other person boarded at Torrance; no one boarded at El Segundo or Westchester; 2 more boarded at UCLA. The bus was 20 minutes early to Van Nuys.

Amtk 769 at Camarillo 3-11-17
Amtrak train 769 is at the Camarillo Amtrak station on March 11.

Train 769 was on time at Van Nuys. It had some on-board problems with the head-end power – no a/c or…

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Life is all about PAIN


Saponaria ( Soap-wort )

Inside the shades of pink

Deeper and deeper I sink

I am no me,within a blink !

Magnolia( Magnoliaceae )

That magical aura

Cosmopolitan Sophora

Magnolia Grandiflora !

Ixora ( West Indian Jasmine )

Sweet like jasmine

Weather like spring

Variations it bring !

Linaria ( Snapdragon Family )

Life is a dark-purple

Marks like an hour-circle

Seeks love eternal !

Echinacea( Cone Flower )

Sorts of magic in cone

Souls are already blown

Desires and dreams have grown !

Silene( Carnation Family )

Memories are data

Thoughts are chordata

Your smile is Silene Colarata !

#-Meanings-Of-Your-SMILES-In-My-Dictionary-# !!!

#Haikus #poetry #thoughts

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Its Difficult To See Eye To Eye (Another Lonely Update)

The Lonely Author

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First, I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments after my last post.  They made me smile and filled me with the desire to return to blogging and my writing.

I hope you and yours are well.

In a few hours, I will be on the operating table once again. My right eye has not healed properly and the retina has begun to re-detach itself once again. In conversations with my doctor I suggested crazy glue, but she other ideas.

Thank you for all of your well wishes, kind words, and patience,  I hope to return sometime in April.

Keep writing.

Keep smiling.

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