Breast cancer cells are not pretty pink



Vincent Wambua

I have a serious question to ask you and I would like you to really think about it. Have you ever felt powerless? Does it seem that you’ve lost control of your life or does everything seem to be spiraling out of order or maybe does it seem like everyone else around you is successful or prosperous and just it hasn’t happened to you yet?

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Well, I want you to discover how to get the most out of every single day of your life. I want you to gain that confidence and control that you once had and I want you to be able to squeeze every hour out of every single day. I want you to know how it feels like to get out of bed every morning excited and energized and ready to take on your untapped -unclaimed potential. I know you may be asking…

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Tossing thoughts

HarsH ReaLiTy

I stand on Eastern Shore tossing thoughts onto the water. Watching randomness from my mind skip across the waves. I catch my breath as parts of words are broken, leaving falling letters in their path. Fleeing pieces from passing thought are gobbled by creatures underneath. They wrestle with one another for pieces of my broken mind as my screams match the crashing of the waves above.


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Le village de Saint-Tropez

le blog du pigeon voyageur

Saint-Tropez 2Saint-Tropez 1Saint-Tropez 3

Loin du bling bling qu’on lui connait, Saint-Tropez est aussi un village.
Un village qui accueille un marché de produits de la mer, à quelques mètres du port, et des stands de fruits et légumes, au détour d’une rue.

Saint-Tropez 5Saint-Tropez 4

Ci-dessus: Les petits marchés de Saint-Tropez, une de ses petites ruelles commerçantes, parallèle au port et la plage de la Ponche, mythique.

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The Falling Thoughts

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Social media and social disorder

3rd world countries and new world order

Social animal build a fancy cage

One world with many borders

Life is cheap and living is harder

A Little child has drowned in front of his father

Empty stomach and less feeders

Holy books and less readers

Poor public and rich leaders

They want us to be just breeders

The Misled can become succeeders

A Capitalist stealing milk from a kids feeder

Stubborn  behavior less to consider

Muted actions and words are louder

A bee involved in conspiracy with a spider

Refugees are dying at the border

Imperialist has a court order

Awards are being sold by awarder

We are all worried to get our bread n butter

As we forgot about “God” who’s a provider


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