Another Body

DoubleU = W

another body

in another bag

when will mankind learn

when will we begin

to be good to each other

we are animals

but at some point

will we find a way

to stop acting like it


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Nuclear Bombings in 1945 and New killer bombs of the 21st century

Words dipped in Happiness

The atomic bomb was more than a weapon of terrible destruction. It was a psychological weapon.
                   -Henry L. Stimson,1947.

Do you remember what happened on today’s date, 70 years ago, on 6th August 1945? No? On 9th August 1945? No? Ok. Let’s re-read about the world’s biggest catastrophic and prodigal attacks related to a warfare. THE ATOMIC BOMBINGS OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI. The attacks occurred during world war-2 on Japan, in the final phase, The pacific war. This was one and the only war, in which a atomic bomb was used as a weapon. A Nuclear weapon. The war that crossed all its limit.


You cannot imagine the carnage those atomic bombs created! An atomic bomb made up of Uranium named TINY BOY was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945. Thousands of people died on the spot with thousands of people died on the following days due to…

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Fundamentalism Marked off

Shake Your Conscience !


Every ideology,wether economic, political, social, or religious, is based on certain characterizing features or the least common denominators so to speak. These features of a given ideology are its fundamental principles. Rationally, then, fundamentalism would mean an attitude, an effort or a movement wich adheres to or tries to promote these fundamentals. For instance, when we speak of a free market economy and private ownership of property, we describe the fundamentals of modern capitalism; and those who conduct thier economic affairs accordingly may aptly be called Capitalists. When we talk of the goverment “of the people, for the people, and by the people”, we point out the fundamental principles of modern Democracy; and those who practice and promote this form of polity may be called democratic people or nations. Also, when some believe in the principle of trinity and the Gospel as the inspired word of God, they are declaring…

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Favourite Perfumes and Body Mists!

Styles and Sensibilities

Hey everybody!
I have been waiting to write this post on my favourite perfumes and body mists for a really long time and I am so happy that it is finished and that now I can share it with you!
I am a lover of scents. Where ever I go, I tend to pick up some, always. When I am in the mall and I see this huge cosmetics corner, it is actually the perfume smell that draws me to it and it is also the first thing I look at before all those lipsticks and nailpolishes.
I have quite a good collection, I think. Few of them were presents from my aunt as she knows how much I adore these beautiful bottles filled with dreamy frangrances.
When I compare body mists with perfumes, I find myself reaching for the body mists more. I love perfumes of course, but I…

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The Raven's Nest

Pictures2 7

Yesterday came and went with a rainbow.

The real world was there somewhere behind or maybe at the bottom. A treasure?

Fools will dig and dive, but there is no need. The only bottomless pit lies within ourselves, the only treasure as well.

In the prism of your vision I have seen and learned a lot, I have divided myself into many forms and plunged back and forth into what others decided reality is.

I am not made for your reality, I am certainly not made for most people morality.

I have accepted my lack of morality a long time ago maybe because morality only showed me a twisted corrupt side, a Dorian Grey reflection. One side more visible is glamorous while the other…It is a peeping Tom tool, a narrowing of vision a total lack of acumen, the opposite of the prism.

I would like to hear you are…

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Bottling Words

HarsH ReaLiTy

Could I bottle bits of me and sell them for a pound? Would I care to share the written me for free? Sometimes I feel like if it isn’t written it never happened. I blame a mind that constantly seeks to forget the last sentence of things. The real information is in the first few words right? I wonder if that is what the creator thought when he made me… caring only about the introduction before he sent me out the door. A little push on the back for good measure and reassurance that he was finally done with me. My hand feels like he handed me a pen in the end.

A hard truth is that in life no one will write our endings but ourselves. If we care to at least. A roller-coaster of a life presents many highs and lows to dwell on. How easy it is…

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