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Last year my kids and I read the entire Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.  Not only is it a great funny read, but there are lots of great quotes in it too.  Here is one of my favorite Lemony Snicket quotes…I love Lemony Snicket |

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Habits ! / Good-Poor.


What are our habits which we practice almost every day?

Are these habits helping us to better ourselves ?

Or these habits are self diminishing in so many ways !

Unless a person can control and change his habits,

He can’t help himself to be the best he can be .

Everyone should keep in mind that good habits ,

Create a great character and bad habits create a poor character.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Freewrite: The Girl Made of Stone

A.E. Rivenbark

Her eyes were a marbled sunrise

Set eternally downcast

Hair clung to her slick skin

Lightened in under the moon’s caress

They shoved her, but she did not wince

They jeered though she spoke no offence

She cried, though she made no tears

And he loved her for it

Though she smiled in her stone heart

Hair like a burial shroud

Thin as a spider’s tightrope cloud

He touched but her pulse wouldn’t jump to reach his fingers

And she turned away, though she did not move

A girl made of stone may love

Though she smiled not, nor spoke

And when he was gone

She did not weep

But she broke

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