Wax On Wax Off and Other Power Plant Janitorial Secrets

Power Plant Men

Orignally Posted on October 12, 2012:

Two years before the movie Karate Kid came out at the movies in 1984, I had learned the secret of “Wax On, Wax Off”. One that made a significant difference to my Power Plant Janitorial Powers!

The Student Learns from the Master…. “Wax On… Wax Off”

My Janitorial Master was Pat Braden. He is the same age as my father. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Pat Braden reminded me of a rounder version of Red Skelton:

This Picture of Red Skelton reminds me of Pat Braden

Pat was one of the kindest people you would ever meet. He was the head janitor when I became a janitor at the Coal-Fired Power Plant. I had worked with him off and on during the 4 summers when I had worked as a summer help. So I was glad to actually be on his crew…

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GE to establish energy firm combining several businesses

HARTFORD, Conn. — General Electric Co. has established an energy company that combines its LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle businesses and a software system to help customers improve efficiency.

The Fairfield, Connecticut-based conglomerate said Wednesday the company, known as Current, will begin with more than $1 billion of revenue and build on the company’s energy businesses. It will be based in the Boston area and have a presence in California’s Silicon Valley, though exact locations weren’t provided.

Through its software GE will analyze energy consumption and provide customers with data detailing patterns of use and recommendations to improve efficiency.

GE says customers include Walgreens, Hilton Worldwide and JPMorgan Chase.

Current is expected to create about 200 jobs. Maryrose Sylvester, a former president and CEO of GE Lighting, will serve as CEO.

The New York skyline

Pearls Of Blissdom by AntheasChronicles

I may not be obsessed with the city, but this wonderful view of New York from across the Hudson, never fails to astound me…


I clicked this picture last night, around 9 pm. Love the fact that it was still light! Couldn’t bring myself to work on it… The colors by themselves are so lovely!

What you see is the new World Trade Centre, setting out the skyline of this wonderful city! I love sitting at the boardwalk and staring out at the city- wishing upon a star..<3 ❤ ❤

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Sunday seclusion

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Sun was shining
Trees singing hymns
Blue and white mating
creating, perfecting whims
greens dew slurping
birds whispered chirpings
river oozing, burping
life’s secret gems
day’s beauty missed
seclusion loudly hissed
the morning is gone
you are still all alone
slowly sans realisation
the seed has sown
a beautiful day passed
another Sunday lost
to what could have been
Let reality hard bite
raw imagination light
commencing life fight
to what should be
Could, and would be
Need that nod, agree
let that mind be free
Time is really short
Need that big heart
Past, rum under bridge
Climb optimism ridge
Let Monday be the day
When future has her say
Keep present accomplice
there is lot to accomplish


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Vincent Wambua

Do not press Photo Courtesy: gunsoficarus.com

Everything spiraling around,

Global Networking,

Stepping on deep waters,

Launching the next skyrocketing dream?

Take your finger off the panic button.

It’s a risky hobby,

Training all night,

Lifting heavy weights,

It’s strenuous, 

It’s bigger than life,

No one has ever attempted it,

It’s scary,

But guess what?

It never matters,

Take your finger off the panic Button.

I see you all the time,

Walking past the edge,

Screaming at midnight,

Perhaps seeking approval,

Or empathy,

Or a life map,

But I tell you what?

Build up that self efficacy,

And simply take your finger off the panic button.

It’s impractical,

Never works,

Perhaps it requires new sets of ingredients to craft,

Marbles from the moon,

South African diamonds,

Oil gallows from the middle east,

New discovered gems from Peru,

Insert any name,

Does anyone care?

Fill in the air tickets,

Sign the deals,

Tap the nutriments,

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