The Disgraced Hero: “Light Horse Harry” Henry Lee

Map of Time | A Trip Into the Past

The Ruins of Leesylvania Courtesy Library of Congress

Henry Lee III was born on 29 January 1756 to Henry Lee II and Lucy Grymes, a wealthy and prestigious family. The family home, Leesylvania was located outside of Dumfires, Virginia. Lee III proved a proficient child, excelling in his studies and in horsemanship. By the age of 14 Lee left for the College of New Jersey where he was in for a very demanding education. Nevertheless, Lee pulled through and earned his diploma. That is not to say he was a perfect pupil, he managed a few scrapes that could’ve gotten him expelled. His knowledge could be a unnerving though. It was a well-known fact that Lee could put his friends and family to sleep with his recitations and discussions regarding favorite authors.

As war loomed Lee’s loyalties leaned increasingly towards the American cause. After his graduation in 1773, Lee made…

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The Falling Thoughts

A little kid was curious,

He asked his mother:

Why is the sky blue?

And clouds are white?

Why is my skin black?

And yours is white?

Why doesn’t dad live with us?

And why do you guys always fight?

Why do tears taste salty?

And why do I have to be alone on weekend nights?

When the sky gets dark,

Why does the stars look so bright?

Mother was playing with her new phone.

She had to get ready, her boyfriend was coming soon.

She grabbed his arm with an angry look.

Go watch T.V or read a book.

I have a headache, still need to cook.

Still didn’t get a chance to update my status on Facebook.


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