Solo Travel: My 5 Biggest Concerns.



Now that I have finished my exams and have 3 full months of summer ahead of me, I’ve been writing lists. Lists of things I want to do, places I want to go, lots and lots of lists of stuff I’d love to accomplish before starting my 5th year of med school come September.

More than half of the things on my “lists” are or have something to do with travelling to places…alone. Why alone? Well, thing is, I’ve always enjoyed my independence since starting university (especially it being abroad), and so I tend to prefer doing things that Iwant to do, and atmy own pace.

If there’s one thing that would mess up a good trip is being tied down to someone else’s schedule, or them to yours. It just kills the fun in travel.

Ok, now about this post. As I’ve mentioned, summer’s here and travel

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Goodbye Abano, it’s been a blast.

Jess Gets Around

So my time in Abano has come to an end, my contract with the summer school has finished, I’ve said goodbye to my awesome students, wished my fellow teachers well on their return to the UK and with heavy heart bid farewell to my incredibly host family. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again, there’s already talk of their son coming to the UK to practise his English with my little brother and get to visit England so I’m sure that we will remain in contact. I have absolutely loved staying with these wonderful people who have made me feel part of their family and shown me the best of their town. I feel like I’ve made some real friends rather than just been provided with somewhere to sleep for the last fortnight. The amazing Sarocco family

But, of course, it’s onwards I must go and after hours of perusing…

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The Pit

DoubleU = W

happiness –

I don’t even know what

that means anymore

contentment –

to me that sounds

like some made-up word

direction –

I have enough of that

as I go the way I want

purpose –

my life can mean what you

decide it means after I’m gone


we find it necessary to

assign values and meaning

to everything

the pit in the center

of my stomach

tells me there’s no

reason to impute

meaning or reason

it’s only life


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This is Not Just to Say

O at the Edges


This is Not Just to Say

Okay. I ate the damned
plums. But it’s not my

fault you left them
sitting there on the top

shelf, so sweet, so cold,
enticing me, as only

you, or perhaps a ripe
peach, or strawberries,

or Asian pears or even
pomegranates, can do.

Besides, you need
something substantial

for breakfast. How about
donuts, or bacon, instead?

My apologies to WCW, but I couldn’t resist. You can find the original Williams poem here.


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Cement Lubricant


  • They Poured CementInto My Engine
  • As a Lubricant
  • Before I was an infant
  • Solid, hard, I see this in other Men
  • They can’t be Brothers or best of friends
  • So they just pretend
  • Accept the end as The End
  • While waiting for someone elseto begin
  • Again, echoing, they’re solid, as Tin
  • Stuttering, stammering to talk the talk
  • Afraid to walk the walk
  • Making change, they’re blown about
  • By another’s wind
  • Shielded by a gilded grin
  • So my Thought engine
  • Hardened by pseudo-trials
  • Guilt riddendenials
  • Doesn’t vibrate
  • Acting on my emotions, I don’t hesitate
  • My conscious, immobile, can wait
  • My will, always brakes
  • Allowing the Man to pass
  • My son watches as I kiss his ass
  • Concentrated humiliation
  • I slap my son silentabout our situation
  • Convinced I’m saving his life
  • He doesn’t, but I know
  • Survival, extinguishes being a rival
  • Honor shrinks, accepting the status quo

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Walking back to the Edo Period at Hakone Sekisho

Mae Travels

After the collapse of the Kamakura shogunate in 1333, a warlord named Ashikaga Tokauji became a shogun in 1338.  The Ashikaga shogunate, Japan’s second shogunate, was called the “Age of the Country at War” but despite the chaos, trade was encouraged and Zen-inspired art started during this period. The government collapsed towards the end of this shogunate, with the local lords called daimyos gaining the loyalty of the samurai. The daimyos got peasants for their armies and became rulers of their respective territories. The last Ashikaga shogun was forced out of office by a local lord named Oda Nobunaga but was assassinated in 1582 and was succeeded by Hideyoshi, his best general. A power struggle ensued after Hideyoshi’s death in 1598 until Tokugawa Ieyasu, another Nobunaga’s general, gained victory in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.

In 1603, Tokugawa Ieyasu became the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate which was the…

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