Goodness is the only investment that never fails../..İyilik asla başarısız olmayacak tek yatırımdır…/..Henry David Thoreau




An elderly Native American was sitting in front of his hut with his grandchild, watching two dogs that were brawling a short distance away. One of the dogs was white, the other black and ever since the twelve year old child could remember, they had been brawling in front of his grandfather’s hut. They were two big dogs that his grandfather always kept in view and by his side. The child wanted to know why there were two, since one would have been enough to protect the hut and why one was white and the other black. So he asked his grandfather. The old chief smiled wisely and patted his grandchild’s back. “They are like two symbols to me,” he said. “Symbols of what?” asked the child. “The symbols of good and evil. Good and evil continuously fight inside me, just like these two dogs. Whenever I watch them, I…

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