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Passenger 1957: All Kinds Of Cool Stuff On Eastern Railroads, even the REVERSAL of “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”


We ran an article last month on 1956  and got lots of readers, so now we will try 1957. These notes come from The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society Lots of  years in Pennsylvania RR history are available. But what is great is that they cover lots of other railroads.
1957 The New York Central ends its “Travel Tailored Schedules”, returning to lots of head-end equipment leading long, slow trains. Alfred J. Perlman has designed the new policy to drive away passengers and make train discontinuance easier. Interestingly this REVERSES a 1956 plan to add “Travel Tailored Schedules”. New York PUC refuses permission to change “Empire Service” between New York and Buffalo, which retains the short-train concept. (Doughty, Guide)
 AAR increases per diem charge from $2.40 to $2.75. (NH AR)
Massachusetts Legislature issues report critical of Alpert’s managementof New Haven.
New Haven’s version…

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The Fruits of my Labor

amateur airplanes

After weeks of complaining about my lack of time to build, I am finished with my F3H-2N Demon. It was a pleasant build overall with few issues. A few gaps and ill fitting parts were the only setbacks. The decals for this kit were wonderful. A little on the thicker side, they went on quite well. They also react superb with decal set. Although I was disappointed with the lack of Emhar’s attention to detail, I am pleased with the end result. For the price, it stings a little to see what you get for your investment. For the ease of the build, it was worth it. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me through this one. It’s tough when there aren’t enough minutes in the day to get projects finished. With patience and determination, this Demon has a parking spot on my shelf and not half complete…

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Exactly what is a “mastermind group”?

Technology... in PLAIN ENGLISH!

Here’s a no-brainer question ~ If you can get an answer in minutes versus hours (or days!), which would you choose? ~ The group described below is all about people helping people in real-time. Informal but POWERFUL!

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Harry Hawk: Hello, we’re here with Alex Yong, a journalist and a watcher of all things public relations 2.0. Alex, can you tell us what a “mastermind group” is?

Alex Yong: Hey Harry! A mastermind group is a Napoleon Hill concept that says many minds are better than one. That’s the short answer. It’s basically people sharing what they know freely and openly. That collaboration then becomes one mind, a mastermind – and everybody has access to it. The big advantage is the ability to get an answer or suggestion in minutes instead of wasting hours. When you’re struggling with an issue, a mastermind like ours can be a life-saver.

Harry Hawk: How…

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Street Running In Waterford, New York



Yes, trains used to run on the streets of Waterford, New York. Just could not find pictures of them. Of course the tracks are gone quite a while ago (see old bridge picture).
This was known as the Rensselaer and Saratoga which was absorbed into the D&H and ran paraell to the current mainline although about a half mile away. The line ran close to the Hudson River north from Green Island to JA junction just north of Waterford. Much is still visible as the 3 bridges across the islands in Cohoes and Waterford remain with two of them rebuilt for automobile traffic to access Peebles Island State Park. Street running was from the northern most bridge along Second Street up to a small yard adjacent to the freight station which is now a Library. After this the tracks crossed Third St. (Routes 4 and 32) and continued north along…

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