Penguins downed the Utica Comets 4-2 in the first preseason game

Four different players scored for Wilkes-Barre/Scrantonand outshot the Comets 27-20 for the game.

Carter Bancks, who played for the Abbotsford Heat last season, scored the first Comets goal, early in the third period, with an assist from Bob Sanguinetti.
Carter Bancks
Carter Bancks
Rookie Brendan Gaunce scored the other Utica goal in the last few minutes, with Stefan Legien helping out.
Brendon Gaunce
Brendon Gaunce
Eric Hartzell and Matt Murray split time in goal for the Penguins. Jacob Markstrom went all the way for Utica.
Jacob Markstrom
Jacob Markstrom

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Slave Labor Plays A Prominent Role In World-Wide Supply Chain

According to Verite, a think tank whose mission is promoting the ethical treatment of laborers worldwide, at least one in three foreign workers who responded to their recently released survey on slave labor in the Malaysian electronics market toils in conditions of forced labor.


The Verite report, released September 17, was the culmination of a two-year survey conducted in Malaysia. The report concluded that since many of the world’s most recognizable brands utilize components for their products manufactured in Malaysia, nearly every device on the market may have come in contact with modern-day slaves.
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The Art Of Bending An IPHONE6

These guys bent an iPhone 6 Plus inside an Apple Store. 

Some teenagers go to the movies for a thrill.

Other walk into Apple stores and record themselves perpetuating the iPhone 6 Plus’ bending problem —  now known as BendGate.

Two British teens, who call themselves Kylie and Danny, did just that over the weekend and recorded their exploits for the world to see.

YouTube/Coastal Road The intrepid product testers. 

The video title, ” Chumps bending iPhone 6 plus in Apple Store,” says a lot about how good of an idea this was.

The video itself is shaky but the boys are able to bend the iPhone 6 Plus, as seen above.

It’s an especially risky thing to do because the Apple store they’re at (they don’t say which one) sounds packed full of customers and Apple retail employees.

Toward the end of the video, the teenagers encounter an Apple employee and pepper him with questions about the iPhone 6.

It’s difficult to hear his responses, but they say employees called BendGate “an online rumor.”

What’s interesting is how BendGate has transformed from users worrying that the iPhone bends slightly in their jean pocket to a full-on test of the iPhone’s durability.

Kylie and Danny say one Apple Store employee acknowledged the obvious: that the iPhone 6 Plus is made of aluminum, so of course it’s bendable.

Trying to bend the iPhone 6 Plus in half isn’t exactly a fair use-case.

It’s unclear why these teenagers began the video by sharing their names and faces. That would seemingly only make it easier for authorities to charge them with property damage.

This isn’t the first time someone has simply walked into an iPhone retailer and tried to bend a 6 Plus. A Wall Street analyst did just that last week at an AT&T store.

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Traitor, Seduction and Other Nasty Terms

The picture at the top is Benedict Arnold. He is synonymous with TRAITOR. I hope you all remember him from high school. If not, I will have to write a blog on the demise of the education system.

The next guy is REPUBLICAN Congressman Doug Lamborn from Colorado who says he and like-minded House Republicans are trying to destabilize the American military in order to foil American foreign policy abroad. No really, he’s bragging about it. This GOP congressman says he’s urging American generals to resign rather than follow president’s orders.

Doug the Colorado Congressman
Doug the Colorado Congressman

That is exactly what Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) told a group of voters he wants to see happen, the Colorado Independent reported.

A lot of us are talking to the generals behind the scenes, saying, ‘Hey, if you disagree with the policy that the White House has given you, let’s have a resignation,’” Lamborn said Tuesday, adding that if generals resigned en masse in protest of President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, they would “go out in a blaze of glory.”

Lamborn, it should be noted, is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Remember the Bush years, when we were being told that not supporting the president during a time of war was tantamount to hating America, and that we had to “watch what we say,” and American intelligence agencies were monitoring anti-war groups like the Quakers under the suspicion that they might damage the war effort.

If you’re meeting with American military generals and telling them to quit en masse to be able to undermine the president’s ability to conduct military operations, what the hell do you call that?

I’ll wait. I am dying to hear the explanation for this one.

Now the third picture is golfer Phil Mickelson.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson

The Ryder Cup ended Sunday with the US team loosing, but the most entertaining part of the week for the USA side may have come off the course in the post-event press conference. All 12 members sat on a dais for a joint press conference, and thankfully Phil Mickelson was seated on the far left, well away from Captain Tom Watson’s position in the center.

In a horribly tense and awkward press conference for the USA team, but delightfully entertaining for the audience, Mickelson savaged Watson’s captaincy this week, and did so on several occasions. The most notable critique was the overall Team USA deviation from the 2008 “pod” strategy put in place by then-captain Paul Azinger.

My conclusion is PHIL IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER. Imagine him trying to survive in a REAL team sport. Even the baseball, football and basketball SUPER STARS respect their coach.

Yes, I know golf is not USUALLY a team sport.

Guess Phil should just compete as an individual and not ever again accept an invitation on a team. He would NOT if I was the Captain.

Guy’s head gets bigger as Tiger’s goes to normal. The rest of the team flew over TOGETHER on a chartered plane. But not Phil. REAL TEAM SPIRIT PHIL! Guess he did not want to sit for a while with a group of golfers he feels superior to and a Captain who he hates his guts.


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Not Very Nice, But True

Managers can get away with paying women less than men, for essentially the same work. That’s according to Australian entrepreneur Evan Thornley.

Thing is, Thornley is just saying what everyone knows. He’s just saying it in a slightly (okay, brazenly) illegal way.

At a startup conference in Sydney, the co-founder of online advertising startup LookSmart said he just loves to hire women. But think twice before you start handing out the feminist props. According to a story in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, his reasoning goes like this: “Call me opportunistic; I thought I could get better people with less competition because we were willing to understand the skills and capabilities that many of these women had.” Thornley explained that by hiring women, he can get better-qualified employees who take on more responsibility. 

Here’s the kicker that’s got him into hot water: “And [women were] still often relatively cheap compared to what we would’ve had to pay someone less good of a different gender,” said Thornley. I’ll go out on a limb and assume that “different gender,” in this context, means guys.

In case anyone in the audience still didn’t get the point, Thornley illustrated it with a slide that included a photo of two businesswomen high-fiving. The picture was titled, “Women: Like Men, Only Cheaper.” The irony is that the photo also included the caption, “If you don’t like it, help us right it.”

Naturally, after a stream of criticism, including one article titled, “Well, s—, that was a dumb thing to do at a startup conference,” Thornley is backpedaling. He would never, ever pay women less than men for doing the same job, he says. That would be discriminatory, of course, and for an employer doing it intentionally and systematically, illegal.

Despite all the hoopla, we all knew this already. It’s just that no one was boneheaded enough to say it so blatantly and so publicly. When people talk about this, they generally code it. In the earlier part of Thornley’s comments–the part that no one seems to have upset exactly no one–he says he can hire women with “less competition.” You don’t have to be a genius to understand that “less competition” means these women aren’t getting competing job offers, and that therefore they’ve got way less leverage to negotiate any lowball offer Thornley throws their way. If there’s “less competition” for their talents, Thornley can pay them less.

Whenever someone talks about an undervalued investment, or one for which there is no competition, we understand immediately what they’re talking about: It’s cheap. For some reason, when the same language is applied to people, we pretend not to understand the implications. We need someone to actually come out and say, “I pay them less”–as Thornley pretty much did–before we get upset.

Many investors who invest in women-owned companies, or companies run by people of color, or people who are economically disadvantaged, use the same language, and make similar references to a lack of competition and undervalued talent. They say they’ve discovered a market niche where they can make investments with less competition. You’re crazy to think that doesn’t mean they get better investment terms. And we don’t pillory them. We laud them for putting money into businesses that more traditional investors are unwilling to back.

Personally, I’d like to thank Thornley for his ridiculous gaffe. After all, there’s plenty of research showing that women get paid less than men, and for reasons that have nothing to do with their job performance. But these findings often meet with a response that is breathtaking in its creativity, as skeptics look for ways to show that women are somehow mysteriously less qualified, less committed, or harder to manage than men. Thanks to Thornley, we’ve been presented with a striking verification that, at least at one company run by one CEO, women are paid less simply because they’re women. Should we really believe Thornley is the only one?



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Transit Security New York and New Jersey

Responding to new global concerns over terrorism threats, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced plans to beef up security immediately at transportation hubs and bi-state transit infrastructure.

The governors signed a memorandum of understanding that features protocols under which the two states will begin intelligence gathering and information sharing to protect residents and critical infrastructure. The signing came nine days after the governors held an op-level security meeting in New York with national, state and local law enforcement and security heads to begin mapping out an improved, coordinated anti-terrorism plan, according to a press release issued by Cuomo’s office.

Over the next 100 days, a surge in law enforcement and military personnel will join forces within the metropolitan area to engage in counterterrorism operations by increasing visibility, inspections and surveillance on trains and at stations, airports, landmarks, and bridges and tunnels. Also, New York and New Jersey will participate in a joint emergency exercise in the coming months and continue to evaluate methods for increased intelligence and emergency coordination, officials said.

“The New York City area has always been a top target for terrorists wishing to spread hatred and fear, and we would be in a state of denial to say that what is going on internationally has not raised that danger,” said Cuomo.

Added Christie: “We know that our people and assets remain a target in the minds of depraved individuals around the globe, even in the homeland, and we are gravely committed to protecting and defending ourselves against the threat.”

The MOU addresses three areas of coordination: enhanced intelligence gathering and information sharing; critical transit infrastructure protection; and reciprocal law enforcement powers between New Jersey and New York.

Also in the MOU, protections of critical transit infrastructure — Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) bridges, tunnels, ports and airports — will be increased through law enforcement deployment, visibility and security inspections.

An increased presence of uniformed National Guard, New York State Police, New Jersey State Police, PANYNJ Police and various partner law enforcement agency will be noticable to provide a visible deterrent to criminal activity.


Over the next few weeks, PANYNJ will increase and regularly evaluate its police coverage at airports, bridges and tunnels, bus terminals and stations, PATH, the World Trade Center and ports. Also, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will increase uniformed officer presence by 30 percent to 50 percent at high-volume .

stations, increase random bag checks, increase checks and curbside sweeps at stations and terminals, and monitor security video of high-profile locations throughout Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, New York City Transit, MTA Bridges and Tunnels, and Lower Manhattan Security Initiative command centers.

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