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Street Running In Waterford, New York



Yes, trains used to run on the streets of Waterford, New York. Just could not find pictures of them. Of course the tracks are gone quite a while ago (see old bridge picture).
This was known as the Rensselaer and Saratoga which was absorbed into the D&H and ran paraell to the current mainline although about a half mile away. The line ran close to the Hudson River north from Green Island to JA junction just north of Waterford. Much is still visible as the 3 bridges across the islands in Cohoes and Waterford remain with two of them rebuilt for automobile traffic to access Peebles Island State Park. Street running was from the northern most bridge along Second Street up to a small yard adjacent to the freight station which is now a Library. After this the tracks crossed Third St. (Routes 4 and 32) and continued north along…

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Bhutan Diaries: Chelela Pass~ ‘ A Pass not to be missed..’

My Life

Chelela pass is at an elevation of 13000 ft above sea level, considered to be one of the highest motorable roads in Bhutan. It’s about an hour drive from Paro, it passes through lush valleys, pine and rhododendron forest.The drive to this pass was just amazing. This place was not in our initial plan. We added it to our list just the day before we visited this place. That’s the reason why I never prefer any travel agencies, I always believe the finest exploration always lies with the individual instincts.

Chelela pass (2) One of the Highest motorable roads in Bhutan

It was so windy and Freezing. Our driver told us that 'they call chelela as A.C of Bhutan. It was so windy and Freezing. Our driver told us that ‘they call chelela as A.C of Bhutan.

It’s always exciting to remember the joy we carry, if any last minute call ends up with a fabulous surprise package. It has obviously considered being the best part of our trip.  This pass…

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Confidence is the key


Healthy lifestyle – it’s not only psyhical health but as well mental. While it is obvious enough, that you need a good balanced diet and sport to stay healthy, it’s less obvious that you need your happiness too. In an era of media, stress and  busy life we feel often overwhelmed and less confident. It’s time to change it, and create a positive life for yourself.


In the pursuit of happiness, confidence is the key, so let’s talk about it first.

Confidence is an attitude that is based on being cool and comfortable with who you are and what you like. ‘Confidence is walking through the world like you’re in a music video, like there’s an awesome soundtrack playing exclusively for your life’. 🙂

We all have our bad days, when we don’t like our hair and don’t like our jobs, but the key to real confidence is how we deal…

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